11+ Times People Used Everyday Items In A Totally Genius Way

Kasia M 1 Oct 2019

Have you ever stumbled upon a useful way to use an everyday item but not in the way it was intended? Like you actually invented a new purpose for it? Doesn't that feel awesome?

Well, these people did exactly that and now they're gracious enough to share it with the rest of us. Check out these genius ideas and share other ones you have found.

1. Save The End Of Tape With A Bread Tag

Reddit | blakeusa25

This is such an awesome idea. I absolutely hate looking for the end of the tape all the time.

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2. Use Your Ear Bud Cable As A Hanger


No need to look for any other contraption when you can simply use your ear bud cable to hang this up.

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3. Use A Bottle As A Rolling Pin

Reddit | u/luisaledez

If you're baking a pastry but don't have a rolling pin, just keep a wine bottle chilled and use that instead.

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4. Use A Floss Box As A Phone Stand

Reddit | sirappleseed

Here's another cool trick you can use with a floss box. Did you know it makes a perfect cell phone stand too?

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5. Best Breakfast Cooking Hack

Reddit | add1_v

Use the oven to keep your scrambled eggs warm and roast bacon at the same time. Imagine how yummy those eggs will taste too.

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6. Toothpaste To The Rescue

Reddit | Iownfish

Have you ever used toothpaste to freshen up the soles of those worn-out shoes? It really does do wonders, as you can see.

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7. Make Portable Phone Speakers

Reddit | Levihartmusic

You can make simple and effective home-made speakers for your smartphone with everyday items like two Styrofoam cups and an empty toilet paper roll.

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8. Use Chopsticks To Eat Messy Snacks

Reddit | thewinedrinker

Chances are you've got some chopsticks lying around from your last Chinese food order. Now keep your hands clean while eating those Cheetos.

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9. Extend The Life Of Your Pants

Reddit | WhoStoleMyPasta

If your pants won't fit you and you need to open that button, just tie an elastic in the button loop and you can still wear them.

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10. Get All The Toothpaste

Reddit | slamedoodwie

It's so annoying when you can't get all the toothpaste out of the tube. Use (Ikea) sealing clips to get the rest of it out.

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11. Batteries Trick


If you ever run out of AA batteries but still have some AAAs laying around you can use the foil trick to fit AAAs in AA slots.

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12. Use Pantyhose To Catch Small Items While Vacuuming

Reddit | Lance2150

Are you tired of losing earrings or other small items that get caught in your vacuum cleaner? Use this trick instead.

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13. Disguise Your AirPods As Floss

Reddit | GregBuckingham

Just peel the label off your floss and stick it on your AirPods case. No one will think to steal them.

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Ha, ha, I love it when ordinary people come up with genius ideas to use everyday items in a new and exciting way.

Giphy | Nu Skin

What have you invented lately? Spill the details, please.

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