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16+ Terrible Tattoos That Need A Cover-Up Stat

Most of my family seems intimidated by the prospect of getting a tattoo, but while I don't have any yet, I've had a few ideas for them that interested me over the years.

One thing I do appreciate is that I was told that if I do get one, it should be about something that remains special to me after years of thought.

This obviously prevents getting the name of a band you only liked in high school on your skin, but sometimes it's not the idea that's the problem so much as the execution.

And we have some perfect examples of that reality.

1. There's a lot going on with this one, so it's hard to pick a "favorite" part.

Reddit | oldcrowtheory

Some might point to the fact that the T in "hustler" is a cross or the dollar sign that looks like it's made of crackers, but I personally can't get over those hilarious facial expressions on the clowns.

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2. It's always a shame when a perfectly lovely sentiment gets permanently misspelled.

Reddit | rosadaniela

I'm sure another artist can cover that E with an A like we used to do in school. Hopefully, it looks cleaner and less obvious than our grade school attempts, though.

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3. It's hard to tell whether this is a demon or a cat who really hates the devil costume his fur mama put on him.

Reddit | Number175OnEarlsList

It's kind of adorable if that's what they were going for, but likely in a more "so bad, it's good" way than intended.

It failed miserably if it was trying to be intimidating, though.

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4. Speaking of non-intimidating demons, I'm not even sure I'd be scared if I came across this being in real life.

Reddit | fouk2dahoe

At the very least, any attempt at an evil bargain with him would go nowhere because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing long enough to hear what he proposes.

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5. Unfortunately, this Thanos cover-up might end up needing a cover-up of its own.

Reddit | thespindle

It's too bad we can't just snap it away until we get one that actually looks like him.

Seriously, if there was no Infinity Gauntlet, would you know who this is supposed to be?

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6. This couple looks about as excited to be on this tattoo I would be to have it.

Reddit | selfmadequeen666

Nothing says "true love" like a rendering that apparently came to the artist after they imagined what these faces would look like if they melted.

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7. It's a good thing the text told us this is a dragon because I'm legitimately not sure I would've figured that out.

Reddit | itstherussianmafia

Take away that one, oddly cursive word and I'd just be left wondering why someone put a heartfelt statement in the middle of a coffee stain.

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8. As far as anyone knows, this is supposed to depict a zombie.

Reddit | fetus-wearing-a-suit

I've got to say, it hits a level of bad that's almost inspiring. For instance, it inspired me to think that we're seeing a friendly zombie leave a daycare after all the kids drew on his face in crayon.


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9. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but I'll agree that there's a lot for what I assume is a skeleton to get mad about.

Reddit | Kitkat127

If I had to fight my way out of a bra that somebody put on backwards and figure out why there's a mysterious lump on my armpit, I'd be pretty cranky too.

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10. This person chose a smattering of symbols to go on their hand for their first tattoo.

Reddit | feckinghound

And every part of that decision is what we'll charitably call "a bold strategy," especially since it looks like the one in the middle is rolling its eye.

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11. I certainly wouldn't call myself a My Little Pony fan, but I'll try not to let that cloud my judgement here.

Reddit | muppet_knuckles

My understanding is that this character is supposed to look regal and majestic, whereas here, it looks vaguely disappointed at best.

It's hard to blame it, really.

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12. I'll definitely admit that this tattoo is ambitious and heartfelt, but whoever inked this still did this person dirty.

Reddit | DeSpeedo

I mean, I'm going to assume that this person's children are cute, rather than terrifying. Unfortunately, that doesn't really come across here.

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13. Again, it was nice of this person to identify their tattoo for us because I wouldn't have guessed this in a million years.

Reddit | rappolini

If you covered the clues and asked me who this was, I'd assume a bell pepper somehow grew a face and took their predicament very seriously.

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14. As cool as the idea for this was, the execution makes it confusing in all the wrong ways.

Reddit | FalseRecommendation4

These are supposed to be wounds that form the Mark of Cain, but the result looks more like a snake pooped twice and then used its body to inform this person they've taken an L.

Can't argue with the snake on that one.

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15. It's at least fairly easy to tell what we're looking at here, but that's basically the only good part of this tattoo.

Reddit | photoyoyo

Based on the "B," I assume it's supposed to be a fearsome, powerful bomber.

Instead, it became a dorky, stubby little plane that probably wouldn't get off the ground in real life.

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16. This one is particularly unfortunate because it's clearly supposed to be a sincere tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Reddit | scruffycheesecake

It's just too bad that nobody informed the tattoo artist that Bennington had two functioning eyes and more than half of a mouth.

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17. I'm guessing that this is what the "artist" told this woman in the hopes that she doesn't own a mirror.

Reddit | ysaood9

Unless this woman's daughter experienced some incredibly rare medical anomaly that made her look exactly like a Bratz doll, I'm finding these statements hard to believe.

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18. It's hard to think of a tattoo that could ever be as devastating for its wearer and hilarious for everyone else as this one.


At best, Mufasa looks like he's about to sneeze and Simba is very worried about something going on to the left.

At worst, they both look equally confused and terrified about their own existence.

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19. Nothing like a blob of unicorn vomit on your chest, right?

Reddit | blahblahblahokay

Apparently, this was meant to be a galaxy. Clearly, the tattoo artist has yet to master the art of blends and decided to just create random noodles of vaguely-galaxy colors.

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20. These "stars" aren't much better.

Reddit | macsimilian

Sure, it's not a clown's brain on your chest, but the best thing people might assume is that she has very dark freckles. Mostly, though, it looks like her skin is moldy.

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21. At least they got the apostrophe right in "it's"?

Reddit | Lolololokokok

That was my first assumption about what was wrong with this, but then I noticed the attribution. Oof.

Maybe they just really liked that one Bon Jovi cover band?

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22. This 'Game of Thrones' tattoo may be unfinished, but I don't think it's going to get better.

Reddit | ArtfulDodger_NZ

Like, maybe Drogon's head and torso will improve with a bit more work, but considering the fact that he has a whale tail, I doubt it.

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23. Maybe he can convince people it's abstract art?

Reddit | ZEROakaANDY

Because "I tried to tattoo myself in a mirror" is exactly as dumb as it sounds and he really needs a better story.

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24. Thank good for GPS.


Of course, the kind of person who makes this sort of permanent mistake may not be the type to know how to properly follow GPS directions either.

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25. This guy lost a bet, right?

Reddit | Yzre

Or was at least drunk? The off-center description is just the icing on this terrible cake.

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26. Sometimes it's not the artist's skill that's the problem, but their taste.

Reddit | Big_Miss_Steak_

So we have a beautifully rendered womb full of kittens. Sure. Fine.

But why are there bananas on the hips?

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27. Ah yes, I also hope that Roma gets less Ntic.

Reddit | Dogswithswords

OK, I know that's supposed to say "hopeless romantic" but there's a reason why most people don't tattoo phrases across their hands.

You'll notice it's kind of hard to get the letters to line up.

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28. At first, you wouldn't think this was a bad tattoo.

Chris Mendiola

In fact, it seems like an act of solidarity against animal cruelty.

Except that the tattoo is a common way to indicate that a dog has been neutered, so not such a great idea to mark yourself with it.

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29. Believe it or not, I think this is supposed to be Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.

Reddit | bomberman461

Personally, I find it hard to see this resembling anyone besides maybe somebody's creepy uncle who decided to grow a mullet.

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