11+ Pregnant Moms Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costumes

Lex Gabrielle 19 Sep 2019

Halloween is many people's favorite time of year when everyone gets to dress up in fun, sexy, creative costumes. Sometimes, expecting moms feel out of the loop. But, with these incredible costumes, everyone will feel their absolute best this spooky season.

1. "Bump Ahead."

Seriously, clever and creative.

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2. Winnie the Pooh.

With the honey, of course.

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3. Miley's "Wrecking Ball."

Definitely on brand.

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4. A Gumball Machine.

Every color you can ever dream of.

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5. A Fortune Teller.

With a magic glass "ball."

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6. An Avocado.

Perfect pit!

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7. A Momma Kangaroo.

With her baby in her pocket!

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8. A Fishbowl.

So smart!

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9. A Snowman.

Everyone loves a perfect snowman.

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10. "Thing 1 and Thing 2"


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11. A Big Stack Of Cash!

With your partner as the bank robber.

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12. A Mummy!

Not far off from a mommy.

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13. Humpty Dumpty.

And the whole dang wall.

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14. Juno.

Pregnant characters win.

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15. The Kool-Aid Man.

Ohhhh yeah!

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