Spa Offers Childcare and Naps For Stressed Parents

Lex Gabrielle 17 Sep 2019

All parents sometimes dream of the moment they can get away and get a break from their kids.

However, with their children constantly on them, it's hard to get away.

While a simple manicure and pedicure is something we all crave, getting someone to watch our kids can be difficult.

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What if there was a place you could drop off your kids and get the complete spa experience?

It sounds like it's too good to be true, right?

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Well, one spa in Los Angeles, California is making stressed parents say, "THANK YOU!"

Spa Lé La is changing the game for parents.

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The spa includes a special childcare service for times when moms and dads need some TLC.

The spa has onsite nannies that will watch children from six months to nine-years-old.

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And, they're professionals.

The nannies are certified in CPR, and in Trustline, California's only authorized screening program that does an extensive background check on employees.

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Only have one kid? Good news!

If you're just bringing one kid, it's totally free and included in your spa package. But each additional child is $6.

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There are special play rooms for kids who get dropped off.

The room has books, games, and toys to keep your kids busy and entertained.

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And, the best part of it all...

The room is totally soundproof! No screaming, crying, annoying kids when you're relaxing!

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The spa also offers free classes for kids.

While mom and dad are getting pampered, the spa has art, yoga, and music classes for kids to attend.

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For those super tired parents, there's even a nap room.

For just $40, parents get to sleep in the spa's Nap Room for 25 minutes.

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Where can I sign up?!?


It's like they've answered all of my wildest dreams.

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