Mom Issues Warning To Other Parents After Her Five-Year-Old Was Left On A School Bus For Hours

Lex Gabrielle 3 Sep 2019

School bus routes have become a common, easy way to get children to and from school on an everyday basis. For working parents, the bus route is the most convenient thing in the world.

When parents send their kids on the bus, they trust the bus driver with their children's lives.

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It's pretty clear why school bus drivers need training and a special license to drive kids to school.

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However, after one mom found out her kindergartener was left on the bus for hours, she was livid.

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Carrie Newton's daughter was left on the bus in 90-degree heat for three hours.

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Now, she's letting other parents know in a Twitter thread that's gone viral.

To make matters worse, the incident happened on her daughter's first day of kindergarten.

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Carrie explained that her daughter is slightly developmentally delayed.

She was left on the bus alone in 90-degree weather.

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Carrie said when she went to the school at 9 that morning to drop off some forms, no one told her daughter was absent.

But, around 11, she got a call from the school asking where her daughter was.

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She then received a call from the superintendent of the bus depot.

They explained to her what happened and asked her to come down to the school — she was already out the door.

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The bus driver didn't do his job properly and forgot to check the seats for any remaining strudents.

Obviously, this mom has every right to be angry.

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The bus driver was fired.

Her daughter, however, was okay.

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The story of her daughter's trauma is truly heartbreaking.

Knowing how scary it must be for her, every parent is feeling that ache in their chest.

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She reminds all parents to ask their bus drivers to check every seat before leaving.

It's up to parents to regulate their children and their drivers.

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If your child rides the bus, this is something you should prioritize.

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Your kid's safety and heath is most important!

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