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11+ Kids Reveal The Biggest Secret They Know Their Parents Are Keeping From Them

Sydney Brooman 16 Aug 2019

Every parent is hiding something from their children, but often times, older children know the thing that they aren't supposed to know.

The kids, teens, and adults of the internet took to Reddit to share the biggest secrets that they know their parents are keeping from them, even though their parents don't know that they know.

These secrets range from funny, to odd, to utterly heartbreaking, to truly disturbing. They'll really make you wonder what kind of skeletons your parents have in their closet.

1. Mommy Dearest

Instagram | @unicornscreationss

"My mother is unaware that I am fully capable of hearing her many phone calls to her friends," this girl writes, "In which she complains about what a horrible disrespectful daughter she has."

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2. The Other Boleyn Girl

Instagram | @shane.gitmed

"My dad says he met my mother because my mother's sister introduced them," this girl shares, "but I'm pretty sure my dad was actually dating my mother's sister first."

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3. Scrabbled

Instagram | @rodrank

"My dad plays this game called Wordscapes and he looks up cheats," this boy writes, "I just pretend to act surprised when he shows me how fast he finishes the levels."

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4. Devil's Lettuce

Instagram | @ksenut

"Dad, we all know you smoke weed," this teen reveals, "One of the team members you coach told the youngest of my siblings and she naturally passed it on to all of us.

"Now my siblings and I smoke in my bedroom when you're sleeping, feel free to join but don't bring mom, she isn't being cool about it."

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5. Private Time

Instagram | @maryclickcreative

"The copious amounts of sex that they have," one teen writes, "Thin walls, guys."

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6. Great Expectations

Instagram | @operationbabyno2

"The only reason they got married was because my mom was expecting me," this girl writes.

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7. Nothing Left

Instagram | @tinman_tony_

"That we might be going broke," this teen reveals, "I hear them arguing about it at night."

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8. MIA

Instagram | @tlccarecareer

"I accidentally overheard a phone call between my mum and my grandma," one kid writes, "Turns out my grandpa had tried to run away from the residential home in the middle of the night. He had also told my uncle that he wished he died and that they stole his money and so on."

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9. Put A Ring On It

Instagram | @maroon_u

"My dad almost had an affair but he backed out right before my mom caught him," one person writes, "She was considering divorce but she didn't go through because of me and my brother, I only know because I overheard them at night."

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10. Rover

Instagram | @linny_d0

"That my mom ran over my dog," one girl reveals, "She said that our neighbor did it."

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11. Tall Tales

Instagram | @rhapsodyeyarns

"That I wasn't molested by some guy when I was two," this woman reveals, "She just made that up. She used it as a trump card the entire 25 years that she was in my life."

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12. Snack Time

Instagram | @vinnys_world_vinstaglam

"They sneak food and get on to me for doing it," one person admits, "Not sure when to do it but I may call them out sometime."

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13. Earn It

Instagram |

"They bought my cousin a MacBook for her high school graduation the same year I worked an entire summer to buy some crappy HP laptop because I 'had to earn it,'" this person shares.

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14. Dirty Old Man

Instagram | @divorceproject

"My dad is cheating on his fiance with a co-worker and is cheating on both of them with said co-worker's ex-husband," this person said, "He's a dirty old man."

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15. Swing Set

Instagram | @bedunmade

"They having sex with our family friends and more," this person writes, "Plus my dad is maybe having sex with a guy."

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16. Slip Of The Tongue

Unsplash | Helloquence

"Recently I was checked into a mental health centre for various reasons, and part of it was that I had to have a few assessments done. So the woman coming to assess me comes into the room, we sit and chat for a couple of minutes before she pulls out my file," one woman says.

"First thing I hear is her mutter to herself "so this is the girl who's adopted..." or something along those lines. Seconds later she meets my eyes and all the colour drains out of her face. In hindsight it explains a lot really."

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17. Dodged A Bullet

Instagram | @moralmenteflessibile

One user reveals, "The reason for my parents divorce (turns out it was because I'm a girl and not a boy like my dad wanted) and the fact that my dad just ended his 5th marriage. He says it's only his second."

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18. Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Flickr | wuestenigel

"My mom never told me I had Aspergers(Autism.) She full well knew but never told me, I think she might've been in denial herself. When I got kicked out at 16(pregnant) I looked into my school files and saw it said I had Aspergers. I have been going to therapy. 4 years later when I was finally talking with my mom again she said 'you didn't even know so it's not a problem.'" someone said.

"Me always feeling weird like something is off from others could've been prevented. I did everything to fit in thats what led me to feel like an outcast. I was the popular girl at school and I was doing stuff I shouldn't just to fit in. If my mom would've just told me I probably wouldn't of done drugs or get pregnant."

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19. The Birds And The Bees

Unsplash | Steve Harvey

"My dad had a lot of porn on his computer and some DVDs on the movie shelf. He was bad at hiding it," said this person, "He gave me his old desktop once because I needed a computer for homework.

"There was so much porn on it. It was like 72% porn ... When he gave it to me I just deleted everything without looking and cleaned the keyboard, mouse, and screen. The whole computer was sticky. He should have at least deleted his shit before giving the computer to his twelve year old child."

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20. Luddite

Unsplash | NeONBRAND

"My mom always tells my wife and I that she completely quit using Facebook," one person says, "but she doesn’t realize that everyone can see her posts and comments, and she is on there everyday. I have no idea why she is trying to keep it a secret."

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21. Close Call

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"I almost died at birth," someone reveals, and they received a bunch of replies from others who went through the same thing.

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22. Self Hate

Unsplash | Sydney Sims

"When I was a kid, I had terrible anxiety, self hatred, and depression and even OCD. Yeah, it was pretty crappy. I didn't even realize until I was 16 that my mom was struggling with the same problems," someone explained, "Lo and behold, I hated myself more."

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23. Tubes Tied?

Instagram | @memesrrt

"Mom told me she got her tubes tied after she had my sister. She told me this when I had questions about babies when I was younger," one person began, but after the mom got pregnant 20 years later, they found out the truth.

According to their dad, "'She didn't want her tubes tied after your sister, so I got a vasectomy instead.' I also had a good laugh. Not sure why she'd lie about something so small, but if it means that much to her, then I won't say anything."

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24. Secret Stash

Instagram | @kasiatomecka

"Well I found my mother's vibrator once and also I know where they hide the Christmas presents every year and where they hide the stash of Coca Cola," says someone whose parents suck at secrets.

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25. Grandmother's House

Instagram | @catmom_forever_

"How fast and rapidly my grandmas health is degenerating," one girl shares.

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26. All Grown Up

Instagram | @ksmdquality

"All of the dirty jokes. My mom made dinner once (steak).

Mom: 'that’s a big piece of meat!'

My dad: 'Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

Me: 'WoaahhHh'

My dad: 'wait you weren’t supposed to get that'

He’s learned to appreciate the fact that I get them now, though."

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27. Quitter

Wikimedia |

"My dad used to be a smoker but quit outright as soon mom got pregnant. Or so he leads us to believe," someone says, "I know he doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he should keep his car floor cleaner if he didn't want me noticing his discarded cigarillo mouthpieces. Whatever he does, he made sure I didn't grow up around second hand smoke, so he gets good dad points for that."

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28. Me

Instagram | @ohbettyjean

"Their reason for getting a divorce," this kid reveals, "Me. It's me. My dad didn't want kids, so after they had me, he built up resentment."

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29. Tech-Savvy

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

"The WiFi password," says the kid who is never truly grounded.

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