15+ Adorable Tiny Donkey Pics That Prove They Deserve More Attention

Ryan Ford 15 Jul 2019

Would the internet even be worth going on if it wasn't for cute things to look at? I'm pretty sure that the internet as we know it is built on a foundation of parents who want to share all the life moments of their kids, very good dogs doing very good dog things, and Grumpy Cat.

But there are other cute animals out there that deserve some attention, too. For example, donkeys. Who even knew they could be this cute?

1. Okay, this little donkey is not only adorable, but relateable too.

Reddit | Archie_G01

I mean, a feed and a nap on my favorite pillow is my idea of a perfect afternoon, I don't know about you.

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2. Just an absolute specimen.

Reddit | Steelers30

A perfect halo of fuzz makes this tiny customer look like it just came out of the dryer. How can that even be real?

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3. Does this wee donkey realize how photogenic he is?

Reddit | tasteofthesoil

His name is Arthur, and I think if they ever do a live-action Shrek, he should be a model for Donkey.

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4. If only you could bottle and sell this cuteness.

Reddit | V15C0ND3

You'd be rich overnight! My goodness, this angel is adorable.

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5. Both a donkey and a ham.

Reddit | -JayJay

This guy is clearly a total class clown, and I love him for it.

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6. The fluff on this little lady's head almost looks like a mohawk.

Reddit | CraftyExtent

I pity the fool who doesn't appreciate this tiny burro.

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7. Making friends!

Reddit | jester33455

I bet this girl will have friends for life with a few carrots, too.

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8. This little fella's name is Paco.

Reddit | miss_neuron

And holy smokes, even his ears are fuzzy. What a handsome lad Paco is.

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9. Too cool for school or just curious?

Reddit | G1bs0nNZ

This guy instantly had a better school portrait than I've ever had.

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10. Gotta pull your weight around home, right?

Reddit | pajamasforallseasons

Also, this little donkey has the best name ever: Seesaw the Heehaw.

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11. Is this a real lazy ass?

Reddit | slllime

Really, this baby donkey is probably just tuckered out from all the new donkey things it has to learn how to do.

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12. This little donkey's fluffiness is only rivaled by his roundness.

Reddit | U_reddit_on_reddit

Look at that belly! Just a perfect semicircle.

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13. This little guy knows where its's at.


Seeing as I'm sitting here at a laptop on a work day, I'm completely jealous of his premium relaxing skills.

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14. Scritches are universally calming.

Reddit | B1LMAN

Nothing soothes like a scritch right in the middle of the forehead, right?

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15. I hope they're named Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Reddit | 1poundbookingfee

I can't think of more appropriate names for these three amigos, unless it's Lucky, Dusty, and Ned.

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16. Apparently, they just like to swing.


The position seems a bit awkward, but that doesn't appear to bother the donkey at all.

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17. I like to think the one on the left is bashful and whispering into her friend's ear.

Reddit | pandapie

"Do you want to ask him if he has carrots?"

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18. Again with the roundness!

Reddit | arouse707

I didn't know donkeys could be so round! These ladies are named Nadine and Zee, by the way, and they're amazing.

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19. Well that's a warm welcome.

Reddit | Magicman123456

A little newborn lamb meets a little donkey and gets a loving headbutt. So good.

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20. They have so much energy!


Much like in most parent-child relationships, the parent is just trying to have a meal, but the kid just won't calm down.

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21. This is me after a long day.

Reddit | LuisTheDragon

See also: me after five minutes in the sun without a hat.

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22. Even kittens love them!


D'aww. I love seeing animals of different species getting along so well together.

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23. Baby donkeys are not to be confused with baby goats.

Reddit | TomEverytime

I keep seeing this pic shared saying that they are baby donkeys, but they are 100% goats. Also, 1000% adorable too.

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24. Baby donkeys are bigger than you realize.

Reddit | dessertislandgetaway

This little dude is an armful, but they're actually only two days old!

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25. Of course, like many baby animals, they're all legs.

Reddit | jebosjay30

It's okay. There's something extra cute about how wobbly they are early on.

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26. But all that leg just makes them extra huggable.


Just look at how relaxed that donkey is. That's bliss right there.

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27. It's okay! Don't be shy!


Not everyone likes to mug for the camera, but that's okay. We love them equally.

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28. Is there anything more pure than a tiny donkey in a field of flowers?


If there is, I'm not sure I even want to know about it.

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29. Okay, this might be even more pure.

Reddit | santaire

Smell that fresh air, little lady! Take it all in!

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