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People Are Sharing Their Biggest Wedding Fails On Twitter And It's So Cringeworthy

Weddings can be such a stressful occasion because most people are obsessed with everything going absolutely perfect on their special day. But what happens when things don't exactly work out as you have planned? Well, hilarity for one.

So check out these cringeworthy wedding day fails and see for yourself.

OMG, that is indeed hilarious.

Sounds like women aren't the only ones sucking it in on their wedding day. But I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting that.

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As much as I'm a dog -over this would be a total disaster.

Twitter | @WestCoastLivePD

I mean, I can just imagine this in my head and it doesn't sound good.

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Ouch, that sounds really painful to me.

Wow, I wonder if he still got married after going through that crazy ordeal. I bet he learned his lesson though.

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Whoa, as I said earlier, weddings can be super stressful but imagine this happening at your wedding?

Twitter | @SpiderLake09

That is the worst nightmare if I can ever think of one.

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If anyone does this to you at your wedding I think they deserve to be uninvited.

Don't you think? I mean who does she think she is upstaging the bride?

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This serves as a warning to anyone who is keeping a secret from the whole family.

Don't let the cat out of the bag to the best man lol.

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I dunno if I would consider this a wedding fail or a wedding win.

At least they got another room for free for an entire week. Sounds good to me.

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Hmm, I'm not sure who's the real winner in this story, the bride-to-be or the groom?

I think this one would have to go under the loose-loose category. LOL!

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Wow, some people have a lot of nerve, don't they?

Why is it that it always happens to be mothers in law? Huh? Is this just a coincidence?

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Sounds like this little guy is growing up too fast or maybe he's been around older guys and picked up a few bad habits.

Best to curb it right away.

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And sometimes when one thing goes wrong during the wedding it sets up a whole chain reaction that just keeps getting better and better.

I'm being sarcastic here of course.

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OMG, I guess you should never entrust someone who isn't licensed to make your champagne fountain, unless you really want to chance it on your wedding day.

DIY booze fountains are not a good idea.

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And again, don't trust your relatives to make arrangements for something as important as food because sometimes you just get what you pay for.

Twitter | @JimTheDrummer01

Or not, in this case. LOL!

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Listen To Your Wife

Gentlemen, please listen to your wife when she tells you she's about to slip on her dress and stop twirling her already. Otherwise, this happens.

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Perfect Timing

So I have to admit I think this mother-of-the-bride was quite clever when she did that. After all, she knew exactly where to find him, right?

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Not So Secret Confession

OMG, I'm totally cringing for this bride right now. LOL. This will definitely serve as a reminder to anyone getting married soon, myself included.

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Practice Makes Perfect

This is the perfect example of what can go wrong if you don't practice your grand entrance at least a few times. Wow, that's not pretty.

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Tumbling Down Together

Holy moly, I bet this is not what they must've imagined for their wedding photos but at least they went down together. That's real unity, right?

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Cut Footloose

I'm definitely one for cutting the rug on the dance floor just as long as you don't split your pants okay? This is not a good look.

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This Grand Exit.

Maybe the bride and groom should've practiced this move before attempting it on their wedding day. What a way to start your marriage.

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He Looks Terrified.

This poor groom had his true emotions showing when his bride walked down the aisle. The camera captures everything on your wedding day.

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Wow, I have to admit now I'm really getting nervous about my wedding day because these disasters could've been avoided and yet they did happen to those people anyway.

Giphy | Angie Tribeca

I guess I know what to look out for now!

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