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Painting The Butt Pockets On Jeans Could Be This Year's Newest DIY Trend

Every spring, there's a new fashion trend that emerges that either falls flat or really takes off. So being a fashionista myself, I had to check out what's in store for this year.

One of the most promising trends involves my favorite garment — jeans. This time any pair of jeans can be instantly transformed and elevated with a cool DIY idea: painted back pockets. Come again? Yes, indeed. This trend is quickly taking off and here's why!

1. Ocean Vibes

This is such a unique idea to make those boring jeans really stand out. Let your inner artist really shine with a beautiful design like this.

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2. Sun and Moon

And this trend is not just for full-length pants but looks super cute on denim shorts, too. How adorable is this sun and moon idea?

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3. Purple Skies

Purple is one of my favorite colors so I'm really digging this gorgeous hue on these shorts. And that scenery is absolutely blowing me away.

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4. Space Pants

Speaking of beautiful scenery, if you're a space lover this gorgeous galaxy theme is your jam. This is such a beautiful color combination. Truly mesmerizing.

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5. Embroidery Style

Wow, these remind me of the embroidery tattoo idea. They almost don't look like paint at all. And they sure make your butt stand out. Ha ha!

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6. Circus Act

Oh my, how fun are these painted shorts? This is such a neat idea. I wouldn't have thought of continuing the scene with each side. Wicked!

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7. Art Lover

Not everyone can afford a piece of expensive art, right? So why not go Van Gogh on your denim back pockets? This is so fun and gorgeous!

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8. Express Yourself

And why not just create your own #BitMoji right on your jeans? This is such a unique and artistic way to express yourself. So clever!

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9. Horoscope Lover

Speaking of expressing yourself, what about showcasing your horoscope sign on the back pocket of your jeans? I just love this idea. I gotta practice drawing Leo!

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10. Sea Lover

It seems that scenery and sea creatures are the perfect fit for this type of design. I mean just look at this elaborate and colorful octopus idea.

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11. Colorful Flamingo

Oh wow, speaking of colorful designs, this one is just amazing. I think this is one of my favorites thus far. I'm really loving this intricate flamingo.

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12. It's All In The Details

Here's a tip for you, use a ballpoint pen to draw the design and then go over it with acrylic paint.

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13. Bang Bang!

If fun is what you're looking for this awesome painted denim design may be right up your alley. This one will definitely make you stand out.

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I have to say I absolutely adore this fashion trend.

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I wish I was so much better at painting because these designs look so flawless. But practice makes perfect, right?

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