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People Are Upcycling Broken Flower Pots Into Fairy Planters

Most of us would just throw a broken flower pot away. I mean, why keep it? There's no use for it. You can't exactly plant anything in it.

Well, think again! Turns out there are things you can do with a broken pot after all. And some people are turning their broken pots into elaborate fairy planters.

I absolutely love the creativity of this planter.

The idea of creating a staircase leading up to a gazebo looks like such a brilliant and fun idea.

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How amazing is this broken flower pot turned into happy fairyland?

And guess what? This one also lights up so it will look even better at night.

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Check out this wicked creation.

I adore the fact they used several pots to create this unique and elaborate effect. And how adorable is this little red mushroom?

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Here's another super cute fairy garden idea.

The pretty flowering cactus is such a great touch. I also really dig the castle and all the fun little gnomes.

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This one was an entry into the 2018 San Diego Country Fair.

Is that an M&M candy carpet I see there? And nice touch with that green dragon.

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Bring your childhood fantasies to life with this great and original idea.

How adorable is this cute little house? It certainly makes a great home for all the animals.

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The variety of plants and succulents in this idea is so green and fresh.

It seriously makes me wanna run out and buy more for my outdoor garden.

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I like the use of the white flower pot in this little garden.

And the cute pink teacups make it a sweet spot for a tea party. Adorable!

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What a fantastic place for Mickey to escape all the craziness of Disney World.

Why not hide in this fun and super creative flower pot garden?

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This one seems to be the right fit for all the Pokemon lovers.

Looks like they got pretty tired taking a dip in this cute-as-a-button pool. Time to rest.

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Here's another take on the broken flower pot fairy garden idea.

I really like the layered look here. This one sure seems very welcoming to all the fairies.

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I'm a huge fan of all things Halloween.

So this spooky Halloween-themed broken flower pot design is right up my alley. I think I really need to make this.

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This one is perfect for that die-hard "Jurassic Park" fan, isn't it?

I think it would also make a perfect gift for your little one who loves dinosaurs.

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I have to admit I don't really have a green thumb.

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But these upcycled broken flower pot ideas are more about creativity rather than having great gardening skills. True dat!

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