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16+ Things That Definitely Seem To Have Faces

Ryan Ford 25 Jan 2021

How many of us have warm memories of spending a lazy summer afternoon outside just laying in the grass and watching the clouds in the sky for familiar shapes? Whales and bears and gorillas and hands giving a thumbs up would float on by, all white and fluffy and very much just clouds. But it was fun to dream, wasn't it?

Well, why should that just be for clouds? You can find familiar shapes in all sorts of things. Just look at all the stuff folks have found that look like they have faces! You could probably invent a whole host of characters to go along with them.

1. No more tears.

Reddit | poker_kid

This onion doesn't look any worse for wear despite having been sliced in half. That's just a big ol' smile it's giving, which might not be shared by the person cutting it.

That's how it goes with onions, though.

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2. Same old song.

Reddit | carllucey

I would be willing to believe it if someone told me that the designer of this car placed the hazard signal specifically to look like a nose.

Because it definitely completes the look, but it also seems a bit out of place.

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3. A spot of sunshine.

Reddit | crazymuffin

How appropriate that this front door should cast such a happy face on the floor, but only when the sun is shining brightly. You couldn't have planned that much better if you tried.

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4. Low key glee.

Reddit | FlaredCookie

At least, I think that's a happy face. For a coat sticking out of a locker, you could expect worse. So let's go with happy.

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5. Smooth.

Reddit | lukiiiiii

And it's not like somebody drew a smiley face in their peanut butter, either. It just dripped into the jar that way.

Good thing the owner got a pic, because it's not going to last. What, they're supposed to just not have peanut butter because it has a face? I don't think so.

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6. Cool.

Reddit | beardy_mcdadface

Likewise, someone else found this face looking back at them from their ice cream. I love how the smiley face came off on the seal as well, so they're like an old-timey comedy duo.

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7. Must be devil's food cake.

Reddit | Kazie224

It's a fittingly sinister face, anyway. But hey, it's going to get smothered in frosting, sliced into pieces, and devoured by a hungry horde, so it's no big deal.

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8. Groovy.

Reddit | Jumping_Koalas

Far out, amirite? Guaranteed if this tarp came up as a character in a Dreamworks movie, it would have a stoner's voice.

Or maybe Bobcat Goldthwait, if that's not too ancient a reference for you.

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9. Scraping by.

Reddit | AngryTeacher42

Nature does love to draw in frost but it's unusual to see it draw such literal figures.

Maybe someone drew an outline first and the frost filled it in? I don't know but I do see a face in the frost.

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10. The horror.

Reddit | EmpMouallem

That poor box has seen some things out in the yard, but the more worrying part is how it seems to look back at you. Best put it in the recycling bin sooner than later, I think.

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11. How nightmares are made.

Reddit | AdventureHasAName

Sure, give the toy train at the playground an open mouth with flame in its belly and a crazed look in its eye. What child could possibly imagine themselves being eaten and consumed in fire?

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12. Not sure I trust that smile.

Reddit | wombat929

Maybe it's the glowing eyes, maybe it's the railing teeth, but this balcony is just a bit too convincing as a face. And there's definitely some Tim Burton appeal to it, too.

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13. Not a real boy.

Reddit | ToeyToeToe

There's an argument to be made for this speaker to become a Pinocchio for the 21st century. I mean, every time he tells a lie, his cord nose could grow longer, at least.

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14. Yeast to meet you.

Reddit | DJGiraffentoast

For all the bad press carbs get, this loaf doesn't seem like it will hold any of that against us.

What a friendly face. I always knew carbs weren't that bad. Or at least I could never stay mad at them.

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15. Laugh it up.

Reddit | ProxyAttackOnline

I know that when I tear a hole in my pants, it never comes out nearly as hilariously as this. Well, not for me, anyway. Maybe onlookers can get a good giggle in, though.

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16. What a drip.

Reddit | Rawalmond73

Even if you don't see the face in this faucet, you still have to be concerned about that runny nose. It's going to be trouble.

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17. It isn't easy being green.

Reddit | itsokqc

Not only does this common house plant appear to have a face but it's looking mighty judgey, too. Makes you wonder if it's owned by one of those nosey neighbor types and maybe it's taking after them.

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18. Such anger.

Reddit | mjpeeps

This feels to me like the part in Aladdin after Jafar bends the genie to his will, and it works particularly well that it comes from a real life roaring blaze. Let's hope everyone was okay.

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19. Seen better days.

Reddit | vesto2000

Pretty sure this is the Malfunctioning Eddie of irons, for all of you Futurama fans out there. Somebody's going to get a good deal on a used car though, so there's that.

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20. Good enough for me.

Facebook | Mike Bowers

A rock-hound opened up an agate from Brazil and found this inside: a formation that looks remarkably like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. It is just uncanny how much that rock resembles Cookie Monster. Crazy.

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