A few weeks ago I decided it was time to travel back to my hometown to visit with family and friends. I tend to do this every few months with the intentions of catching up and reminiscing, but this last visit was a tad different. While out for a drink with some people, I bumped into a large group of people I hadn't seen since high school. Now I say this with the utmost respect for them, but I couldn't help but notice how much they've aged! It's been less than ten years, yet we all looked like we were decades older. I couldn't help but feel a bit disheartened thinking about how fast time goes by, and how old age is literally just around the corner.

Well as bad as this whole experience made me feel, seeing stumbling upon pictures of THESE men on the internet made me feel even worse. These guys are seniors and they look like they could probably beat me up. Buckle up for some sexy senior men.


1. Anthony Varrecchia – 53 

He's ripped, has an incredible beard, and is well into his 50s. Yes, I'm jealous. 

2. Mark Reay – 57

This man is the definition of a silver fox. 


3. Irvin Randle – 54

I'm starting to see a facial hair pattern here...

4. Aiden Brady – 50

I'm confused... does he have a belt on with underwear?