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16+ Pics That Prove Nature Does Not Mess Around

As beautiful as nature is to walk around in, the experience won't stay all that peaceful if you wander in the right areas for long enough. Obviously, nobody wants to meet a large animal that's not happy to see them, but even seeing their handiwork can be a little more intense than we bargained for.

After all, there's somebody out there who appreciates every creature the earth has to offer, but these creatures often show their appreciation for each other by eating them.

And as we're about to see, that need to feed can make for some truly striking scenes.

1. There is a lot behind the death glare that puma is giving us.

Reddit | Pardusco

Although we might have the impression that capybaras can be friends with anyone, this big cat only sees it as dinner.

And it's not pleased about anyone interrupting it while it's trying to eat.

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2. When snakes starting going at it, it's often hard to tell who's winning.

Reddit | daddybara

In this case, however, putting your money on the speckled rattlesnake would not be a smart move because the kingsnake is apparently a little hungrier.

I guess they don't give it that name for nothing.

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3. It might be a little hard to tell what we're looking at here, but the focus should be on the bug with the big mandibles.

Reddit | geminiwraith

That's called a lacewing nymph and the reason why this photo is so confusing is that it's walking around with the heads of the other bugs it's conquered.

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4. This pit in Turkmenistan is known as The Gates of Hell because it's been burning for over 40 years.

Reddit | roastedtoperfection

Its actual name is the Darvaza gas crater and according to Atlas Obscura, it was once a cavern filled with natural gas that a Soviet digging machine accidentally fell into in 1971.

The crater was also releasing poisonous gases, so whoever was in charge at the time decided to set it on fire, figuring it would burn out in a few weeks. Clearly, they were wrong.

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5. Some people are really not fans of the daddy long legs and those people will probably like this picture just fine.

Reddit | goat_eating_sundews

That's because we're watching one get eaten by a Venus flytrap. Presumably, it won't be long before the long legs follow the rest of its body inside.

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6. Although spiders are hardly invincible themselves, we shouldn't underestimate what they can do.

Reddit | Hanktank711

For instance, this one was able to take on a beetle twice its size after the big fella ended up in its web. That ought to fill the spider up for a while.

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7. If you see these birds hanging around, it probably means that something didn't make it.

Reddit | sassafrass203

In this case, it seems that these turkey vultures are gathering around a deer carcass. However, this was the clearest photo of the scene the uploader could get without stepping out of their car.

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8. It is really hard to envy the photographer in this situation.

Reddit | Ninja_Spi-D-er

A lot of folks can get pretty aggressive when they don't want their picture taken, but they're usually not capable of eating the photographer.

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9. It may be difficult to recognize what these yellow jackets have built their nest in, but it's actually a horse skull.

Reddit | VanguardBronco

If there's a more effective way to ruin your trip down the old town road than a surprise hive of these persistent pests, I don't want to know about it.

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10. Despite how it may look, this cheetah isn't actually interested in eating this freaked out animal.

Reddit | NEOsands

It already earmarked something in the background for that purpose and it doesn't want anything else to take any bites out of the fruits of its labor.

So while there's more than a little terror on this creature's face, it's mostly regret.

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11. Any pet owner knows that even the cutest animals can get into some really gross situations.

Reddit | ThatJackUp

But while a dog or cat may enjoy rubbing itself all over a carcass, this wolverine just wanted to see what it could pick off of the remains of this deer.

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12. Sometimes, not even those with experience in the Australian wilderness can get a fix on what they're looking at.

Reddit | dottree

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, this sea creature is known as a worm goby and has no eyes, but some very sharp teeth.

Fortunately, it's rarely encountered by humans.

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13. It's unclear how a horse ended up this deep in the ocean, but this shark probably isn't asking questions.

Reddit | MrBonelessPizza24

Life gets a lot simpler when one of the only questions on your mind is, "Can I eat this?" If the answer is yes often enough, it's a lot easier to just take life as it comes.

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14. This cicada had just reached adulthood and emerged from its old skin, but it wouldn't be able to enjoy this new chapter for long.

Reddit | Rhom_Achensa

Unfortunately, it seems that this copperhead snake hadn't just turned up to give it a graduation present. Instead, it just treated itself.

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15. Indeed, today seems to be a really bad day to be a cicada.

Reddit | mrcoffee8

We've just seen one get eaten by a snake, but now this one is being picked apart by wasps. I guess that's just what happens when an insect's signature feature is its loudness.

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16. There's a reason why this waterfowl looks like this and it's very specific to where it ended up.

Reddit | MarsandCadmium

Apparently, there's a lake in Africa with a high enough salt content that any animal that falls into it will probably become a mummified statue like the one we see here.

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17. Although the Emei Mustache Toad looks and sounds funny, its "mustache" is no joke.

Reddit | Joliot

Anyone unfortunate enough to touch them would soon discover that these spines are here not to be stylish, but to fight off rivals during mating season.

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18. Go deep enough into the ocean, and you'll see some freaky creatures like these nightmare-inducing fish.

Reddit | Negral

These are called saltwater hatchetfish and the look on their faces probably matches those of anyone who comes across them.

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19. Still think polar bears are cute?

Reddit | SmartPossum

This chonky bear looks very well fed, and clearly just finished a meal.

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20. Um, Mr. Fish... I can see inside your head.

Reddit | gulaschgel

Deep ocean fish are so weird! This is a barreleye and don't be fooled by what looks like eyes on the front of its face. The real eyes are the greenish orbs inside the head, which can rotate to see all around the fish.

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21. It turns out that not all wildlife appreciates being photographed without a signed consent form.

Reddit | SugmaNuts

I really hope that guy's jacket is a thick, strong material, because those claws look like they're digging in deep.

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22. So cute and so terrifying.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

This caracal kitten is just learning to hunt, but they look pretty proud of their catch.

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23. I know that tarantulas are supposed to be friendly spiders, but can you blame me for still being creeped out by them?

Reddit | listentobellion

I mean, look at those fangs!

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24. This is somehow really powerful.

Reddit | Negral

The chameleon died and dried out, but it appears to have done so while perched on a water tap.

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25. What's more scary and cool than an erupting volcano?

Reddit | ThisHotBod

A long-exposure of a lightning storm over an erupting volcano.

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26. Higher ground.

Reddit | RoeHogan

Just like humans, bugs try to escape the raging floodwaters too. They just look creepier doing it.

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27. This is a bird using a dead pike's skull as a nest.

Reddit | agitated_ajax

Why is there a dead pike in a tree? If I had to guess, another bird dropped it, but it's still pretty crazy.

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28. Most lightning strikes on buildings are harmless, but not in this case.

Reddit | c_lahue

While it sucks to see a local church go up in flames, you can't deny that this picture is incredible.

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29. As if moose weren't scary enough, this one survived a lightning strike.

Reddit | lapapinton

This really looks like something you'd come across in a zombie apocalypse video game and no amount of health packs will save you.

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30. Hyenas are not to be messed with.

Reddit | Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

Whole pack of wild dogs? This hyena will fend them all off.

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31. Unfortunately, even the prettiest birds can get caught in some nasty fights.

Reddit | sezar4321

Here we see a hummingbird right at the moment it decided to peck a colorful bananaquit. Presumably, it had some different ideas about who deserves to eat from this plant.

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32. Pics like this make me glad that the scariest animals in my neighborhood are the geese.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

The way this alligator's eyes reflect the setting sun is super neat — and scary.

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33. Most pics of seals show off how cute they are.

Reddit | lapapinton

But let this be a reminder that they are dangerous predators too. Those teeth aren't just for looks.

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34. This photo provides a very effective reminder for why aquariums don't keep the seals anywhere near the penguins.

Reddit | eakfus

Not only do the seals have a penchant for eating the little birds, but it doesn't even seem that difficult for them.

If the penguin can't get away, it's game over.

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