The Suspected Cause Of The Notre-Dame Fire Has Been Released

Emily Reily 19 Apr 2019

A possible cause of the fire that took out most of Paris' Notre-Dame Cathedral on Monday has been linked to an electrical short circuit, the Associated Press is reporting.

Anonymous Source Supplying Updates

Unsplash | KaLisa Veer

The global news organization has written an update on the huge fire that devastated the revered cathedral.

Unilad writes that an anonymous official provided that new info to the Associated Press.

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It Apparently Wasn't the Renovation That Did It


It was first believed that the fire was caused by the renovation that was going on at the time. Numerous pictures of the blaze show layers of scaffolding around the structure.

But investigators say there weren't any workers on site at the time the fire broke out.

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What's Underneath the Rubble?

Investigators still can't work inside what remains of the structure, as it is still deemed unsafe.

This means that items that might be underneath rubble due to the fire still can't be recovered.

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Planks Are Helping Support Trouble Spots


The source added that wooden planks are being used in an effort to shore up parts of the structure, like some walls, that are in danger of further collapse.

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Cathedral Known World-Wide

Wikimedia |,_Notre_Dame_--_2014_--_1445.jpg

Unilad adds that about 500 firefighters over nine hours helped fight the stubborn fire.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral fire on April 15 was watched by people around the world. As the church's famous spire collapsed, gasps were heard throughout the crowd of onlookers, which swelled in the thousands.

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Irreplaceable Relics Saved

Wikimedia |

The church's roof was also heavily damaged; yet, the famous rose windows, the cathedral's organ and many pieces of artwork, like Jesus' Crown of Thorns, survived the fire.

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