People Are Outraged After Hearing Felicity Huffman May Only Get 4 Months In Prison

Emily Reily 29 Apr 2019

While actress Felicity Huffman may only get four months in prison for trying to get her daughter into her preferred college, it raises the issue of privilege, race and class, and how money always talks.

Huffman Expected To Plead Guilty

As the Herald Online reports, Huffman is expected to plead guilty on May 13 for her role in the huge college admissions cheating scandal that broke several weeks ago.

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Huffman Could Get Just Four Months

According to USA Today, Huffman could serve somewhere between four and 10 months in prison, as recommended by federal prosecutors.

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$20,000 Is Not Much To Huffman


Huffman, in her deal, also plans to pay a $20,000 fine and serve a year of probation. But other moms, who were trying to get a better education for their children and who have far less finances and resources than Huffman, have received far worse punishment, as Refinery 29 has pointed out.

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Other Moms Have Received Worse Punishment

Refinery 29 has published the story: "This U.S. Mom Went To Prison For Enrolling Her Son In a School Outside Her District."

In 2011, mom Tanya McDowell was charged with first-degree larceny after she enrolled her son in the Norwalk, Conn. School District. McDowell, who had previous drug charges, was given five years in prison. In addition, she got five years' probation and a 12-year suspended sentence for the drug charges.

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She Got A Better Education For Her Son

"I have no regrets seeking a better education for him, I do regret my participation in this drug case," McDowell said, according to Refinery 29.

McDowell spoke with The Hour in 2017, when she said she didn't regret sending her child to the better school:

"I would still do it all over again because I haven’t been let down. My son exceeded all of my expectations."

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'I Did This For Them'

McDowell's not the only one who went to such extremes to improve her child's education.

As ABC News reported, Kelley Williams-Bolar of Ohio was convicted after she lied about her children's residency to get them a better-quality education at the Copley-Fairlawn School District.

"It's overwhelming. I'm exhausted. I did this for them, so there it is. I did this for them," Williams-Bolar told ABC News.

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Mom Singled Out?

The Copley-Fairlawn School District wanted her to pay back $30,000 in tuition after the incident. Williams-Bolar says she was made to be an example.

"I don't think they wanted money. They wanted me to be an example."

"I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school districts," said presiding Judge Patricia Cosgrove.

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Wonder How Huffman Is Getting Away With Such a Short Sentence?

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Huffman, meanwhile, makes millions and could get off with just four months in prison. What's wrong with this picture?

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