Scotland's Most Notorious Murderer Dies In Prison

Emily Reily 11 Mar 2019

Angus Sinclair, one of Scotland's most notorious serial killers, died overnight in prison. According to the BBC, Sinclair died at HMP Glenochil in Clackmannanshire.

Sinclair Known For World's End Murders

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Sinclair was convicted in in 2014 in the 1977 World's End murders, in which two women, Helen Scott and Christine Eadie went missing after last being seen at the World's End pub in Edinburgh in October 1977. Their bodies were found the next day, six miles apart.

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Double-Murder Cold Case Solved Decades Later

Sinclair wasn't convicted in the World's End murders until 37 later. DNA evidence and a double-jeopardy law helped convict him -- a previous trial in 2007 was unable to convict him due to insufficient evidence.

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A "Monster"

Kevin Scott, the brother of murder victim Helen Scott, has called Sinclair a "monster."

"He was a monster. To treat innocent people the way he did was just evil. You would need to be a beast to commit those crimes," says Scott.

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At 16, He Murdered Catherine Reehill, 7

Sinclair also murdered Catherine Reehill, 7, in 1961 when Sinclair was 16. Reehill had been raped and strangled. After serving only six years in prison, Sinclair was released, when he was in his 20s.

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Sinclair Raped, Murdered Mary Gallacher, 17


In June, 2001, Sinclair was found guilty in the 1978 rape and murder of Mary Gallacher, 17. In a file story by the Telegraph, Gallacher's body was found in the Springburn area of Glasgow. In the 2001 case, jurors didn't even know that Sinclair had previously murdered Reehill, nor that he had raped and assaulted other children, some as young as 6.

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Sinclair Received Life Sentence in 1982

The BBC adds that Sinclair was given a life sentence in 1982 after admitting to 11 charges of rape and indecent assault.

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Justice Not Done

Though Sinclair was convicted of killing four people, he may be responsible for additional cold-case deaths.

"I do feel for the families of the other victims that he may have had. They'll never be afforded the kind of justice that we received," says Scott.

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He May Have Committed More Crimes

The BBC writes that Sinclair is suspected in the death of four other women: Frances Barker, 37; Hilda McAuley, 36; Agnes Cooney, 23, and Anna Kenny, 20.

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