9+ People Who Freaked Out The Neighbors With Their Halloween Decorations

I consider myself a huge Halloween fan, and I look forward to this occasion every year. But having said that, I have to admit that I haven't really taken my love of Halloween to the level that some people have.

I'm talking about those crazy folks who go all out decorating their houses and put all their neighbors' places to shame. Just get a load of these spooky creations.

1. This Over-The-Top House

Instagram | @christinehmcconnell

Artist and photographer Christine McConnell ended up turning her parents' house into this terrifying monster house for Halloween and I think this is stunning.

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2. These Creepy Creatures

Reddit | wartsnall1985

If you're like me and enjoy things of a more subtle nature, you will appreciate this simple yet very effective scene that's bound to creep you out.

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3. This Elaborate Halloween Display


Looks like the people who live in this house spared no expense when it came to decorating their house in such a spooky Halloween manner.

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4. This Busy Spider


I think this Halloween spider display would definitely trigger my arachnophobia. This looks pretty realistic to me. I'm definitely putting a spider on my door this year.

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5. This Pumpkin Welcome

Reddit | lordbaby1

I finally splurged this year and bought a pumpkin to put outside my door. But clearly, I've got nothing on this house with their pumpkin welcoming.

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6. This Dragon Landing Spot

Reddit | emilnoufal

Oh my, these people took their love of Game of Thrones to a new level. I can't say I've seen anything quite like this before. Impressive.

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7. This "The Walking Dead" Display

Reddit | Jorogasm

I dunno how I feel about this Halloween scene. It brings back too many bad memories from watching The Walking Dead episodes.

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8. This Creepy "Halloween" Scene

Reddit | jimmycthatsme

Make sure you steer clear of this house on Halloween night if you don't want to be seriously creeped out by this unexpected visitor.

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9. These Terrifying Nuns

I dunno what it is about nuns, but I'm a little spooked when I see them. So this is something that would totally creep me out.

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10. These Creepy Crawlies

Reddit | Matti_Matti_Matti

So I already said I'm putting a spider web and a spider on my door this year, but I wish I could actually do this instead.

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11. This Skeleton House


Talk about getting the ultimate visit from the Grim Reaper ha, ha. I wonder where you can get something as big as this giant skeleton? Any guesses?

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12. This "Beetlejuice"-Inspired Display


I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, so it's no surprise Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies. This display makes my heart flutter.

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13. This Gigantic Spider

Reddit | mzol14

I don't know what freaks me out more: the giant spiders or how realistic that web looks. This is not something I would want to come across in real life.

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14. This Lit Display

Reddit | Valantix_

It seems that more and more people are buying Halloween lights. Maybe one day, they'll be just as popular as Christmas lights. Here's hoping!

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15. This Cemetery

Reddit | edgoldhandcream

Apparently, this house builds a life-size cemetery in their yard every year. I bet walking through it at night is terrifying.

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16. This Impressive Collection Of Pumpkins

Reddit | HairKlopek

I tried counting all the pumpkins in this picture and I couldn't do it. Props to these dedicated pumpkin masters.

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17. This UV Web

Reddit | FarSideOfReality

As if a giant spider web wasn't scary enough, a UV light gives it an extra eerie glow.

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18. This House That Outdoes Itself Year After Year

Reddit | Chemoot

If you can believe it, these photos are all of the same house. I can't believe how creative they get with their themes each year.

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19. This Demon Guard

Reddit | carturd95

I'm not going to lie — if I saw this as a kid, I would really start to question how much I want that candy because this is terrifying.

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20. These Transformers

Reddit | TheClandestineMason

Not as scary as some of the other displays in this article, but still very impressive. I would have loved this as a kid.

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21. This "Nightmare Before Christmas" House

Reddit | thatdamnthing

Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie are all here in this colorful display based on the classic movie. I adore this!

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22. Fake Michael Myers' House

Facebook | Alex Sanchez

Somebody actually went through the trouble of erecting a whole new facade of a fake Michael Myers house in front of their own. Whoa!

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Wow, I can't wait until I can live in my own house so that I can go all out like this for Halloween and decorate away to my heart's desire.


Until then, I'll just admire these homes.

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