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15+ Hilarious Times Animals Were Caught Red-Handed

Amy Pilkington 10 Oct 2019

We love our pets, but they're little stinkers sometimes, aren't they?

No matter how much I try to follow the rules of positive reinforcement and not react to their naughtiness, sometimes they really get under my skin.

So why is it that even when they are sitting in the middle of their mess, caught red-handed, they still look so darn cute?

1. Pet-shaming is a viral trend I can get behind.

Reddit | KeepCalmAndWrite

One of my dogs is a big fan of tearing the stuffing out of toys and sure, I could stop buying him stuffed toys, but he just loves them so much.

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2. To them, everything is a toy — even a menstrual pad.

Reddit | stufoonoob

At least this cutie got its paws on an unused one. Because dogs are gross and all my bathroom garbage bins now have lids.

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3. Even house pigs get in on the action.

Reddit | offwiththeirmeds

And, like dogs, they are also very cute when stuck in the garbage can lid. As long as it wasn't hurting them, I'd make them wear it as penance until I was done cleaning up.

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4. I mean, blown-up furniture and claws don't really mix.

Twitter | @RageAssurance

So it's not a surprise that this inflatable swan was murdered. That long neck was just asking to be climbed.

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5. I bet the feathers made this game 1000x more fun.

Twitter | @cahulaan

It probably also made cleaning up 1000x worse. They are going to be finding feathers in weird places for years to come.

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6. Speaking of disemboweling things...


I mean, I feel for the poor bear, but this is hilarious and the doggo is having the best time of its life.

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7. It's not just pets that get up to shenanigans.

This deer says, 'You don't need that pamphlet. It'll take care of it for you.'

We have urban deer where I live too, but it's the squirrels we need to watch out for.

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8. Jealousy is a terrible, fluffy monster.

Reddit | notyouraveragecatguy

Small cat cannot be allowed to have a comfy box of its own, even if big cat doesn't fit. Now it's ruined for everyone.

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9. Cats plus long hair can cause odd issues.

Reddit | zooker22

I mean, it's the human's fault for using what is clearly a cat toy to secure her bun, right? Putting the cat tree right beside the couch may have been a poor choice.

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10. Nothing to see here, human.


I wonder how often this cat has tried to make that jump? Probably often enough for their human to know when to pull out a camera to catch it in action.

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11. "Llama wouldn’t let me close the window at my Airbnb so we did this for a while."

Reddit | ImTheSnorseOfCourse

I require footage of how this llama was forcing them to keep the window open. Like, did it just make them choose between open or decapitated llama?

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12. Clearly, this is the human's fault.

Doggo was just trying to look out their favorite window and this weird machine blew cold air on their face. It needed to be vanquished.

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13. "My cat really enjoys my dog's new bed."

Reddit | Erpverts

Can confirm. Buying specific items for specific animals is a good example of insanity. Especially when there is a cat involved.

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14. Guess we know who stole the chicken wing.

Reddit | alexis_rock

Of course, as soon as the pic was snapped, a human must take it away. Those bones are dangerous for animals.

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15. Don't let this corgi anywhere near a cabbage patch...


What sort of cabbage-based trauma did this poor pupper acquire in their youth? That's some serious aggression.

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16. I just want to be with you!

Reddit | kokobau6

If they're going to keep shutting Fido behind a door, they may want to invest in one made of solid wood. Or a synthetic material. Something that'll at least slow the pooch down.

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17. Apparently, this cat has claimed the dishwasher and won't let anyone near.

Reddit | igobymanynames-

Hard to tell if those are clean dishes or not, but I'd definitely be running them through the machine again after kitty has been moved.

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18. "I just tried to chill my beer in the sea, when an octopus stole it from me..."

Reddit | waswerte

The poster also admitted that since the water was fairly warm, this whole plan was a disaster from the start.

Great photo op, though.

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19. "My cat doesn’t like other cats, not even on products."

Reddit | satinbro

Can you really blame them? Look at that cat on the food bag! It's clearly being smug.

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20. This cat may be a candidate for its own harness and leash.

Reddit | cooksaucette

Normally, I raise an eyebrow at people walking their cats, but this feline doesn't appear to appreciate that the dog gets outings without them.

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21. "I yawned," this photo is captioned.

Reddit | EatMyAzzoli

Well, what did you expect to happen? Was your cat just supposed to ignore that invitation to put its whole head there?

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22. There are so many emotions on these doggos' faces.

Reddit | AnonymousWolf93

Are they excited to see each other? Angry? Surprised?

I have no idea, but the picture is priceless.

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23. Dis is mah straw nao.

Reddit | OneFootTwoFeet

The kitten is pretty darn cute here, but I'd definitely be sanitizing that straw before ever using it again.

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24. Proof that cats are chaotic evil.

Reddit | mastercheiftos

Thankfully, assuming the shells aren't damaged, you can still eat the eggs. I'd probably cook them thoroughly to be safe, but the shells protect them anyway.

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25. Revenge is a dish best served wet.

Reddit | Birdy1072

I can confirm that animals post-bath are out for revenge. My dogs always use my bedsheets as towels.

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26. "Let's see how you like it, human!"

Reddit | Siyfion

"This is our Cone of Shame now!"

It's actually pretty cute that the cat still wants to bump noses.

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27. This parrot clearly didn't want to be rescued.

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

Like, it could have flown away or something, but it just wanted to chill on the roof and be left alone.

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28. After restuffing the dog bed with newspaper, the human came home to this.

Reddit | Eaglescout801

You see, by restuffing it, you have now turned the entire endeavour into a game. Congratulations. You'll be repeating this forever now.

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29. While you're watching the sky for seagulls, the squirrels are sneaking a bite.

Reddit | kpipes2

We think of squirrels being most fond of nuts, but really, they'll eat anything.

Except, apparently, crab apples according to my completely unscientific study of how they ate all the pears in my yard, but left the crab apples to rot.

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30. This crow is just saying high to the locals.

Reddit | KanaMLG, KTVU

Considering how many traffic and weather cameras are out there, I'm surprised we don't see more photobombing birds.

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31. This discovery doesn't surprise me at all.

Reddit | jemfulke

If you have a cat and you buy a dollhouse for your kid, you have bought a cat house. It's science.

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32. Caught red-finned!

Reddit | Calzel

Penguins do eat fish and if you're looking for good quality seafood in an urban area, it's hard to go wrong with a sushi restaurant.

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33. "What? It's called yoga, human!"

Reddit | ravnk

Apparently this isn't uncommon among huskies. Some owners even call it "wall surfing".

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34. "The vet will never find me here!"

Reddit | Snuffleupagus_Panda

For a species that's usually good at hiding in small spaces, this cat isn't doing a very good job.

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35. This bird's acting all tough until the cat actually notices him.


This must be a pretty common occurrence, since the cat seems pretty chill about the whole thing.

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36. This bird can't destroy its metal cage, so it appears to have taken its ire out on the cat carrier.


"Whatcha gonna do about it, bub?"

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37. More like "bully" goats, amirite?

Reddit | ThISiSmE55

(I'll see myself out.)

Seriously, though, three gruff goats bullying a doggo is pretty funny.

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38. This cat is pure evil.

Just look at that face after it's told not to push the glass. Like, of course it's going to push the glass!

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39. "Look at that face!"

Reddit | enigma2_3

In terms of cost, destroying the seat of a motorcycle is a lot worse than a random accent pillow, but with a smug face like that, can't you really hate him for it?

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