15 Organizing Hacks To Get Your Chaos A Little Under Control

Diply 22 May 2018

Most of us really like the look of a tidy, well-organized home, but actually getting there... Well, that's a different story.

It just seems so hard, doesn't it? Dealing with the mess of cords, the piles of junk mail, and the continual dusting of bobby pins seems overwhelming.

However, I think the trick might be to tackle one project a time with a clever hack. So I challenge you to try one — just one — of these organizing hacks, and see if you can use that feeling of accomplishment to climb to greater and tidier heights.

1. A magnetic strip on the inside of a cabinet can keep your bobby pins at bay.

Superwoman | Superwoman

This hack is great for bathroom cabinets to keep bobby pins hidden from view instead of strewn all over the counters...and floor, and sink, and surface of every other room.

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2. Cut toilet paper rolls in half and decorate them up to keep your cords separate and neat.

A House Full of Sunshine | A House Full of Sunshine

No more tangles! You can also add labels so you don't have to peer at each cord to figure out what it's supposed to go with.

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3. Use command hooks on the inside of a cabinet to keep your curling irons and straighteners organized.

Pinterest | Pinterest

We're used to trying to dig these out of drawers with the cords all twisted around each other, but the hooks keep them separate and tidy.

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4. Add magnets to small containers to make more use of vertical space.

Tatertots and Jello | Tatertots and Jello

You can use these containers inside your fridge or outside, depending on if what you put inside needs to be refrigerated or not.

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5. Stop your condiments from tipping over with half of an egg carton.

Facebook | Alton Brown

Never underestimate the power of an egg carton! Just snip it in half, and use it to line the narrow shelf on your fridge door. The condiments will stay in place while tipped upside down.

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6. Make bins that can separate out your toiletries into different uses.

Kristen M. Cashan | Kristen M. Cashan

Loose toiletries create tons of mess, but if you make a bin each for face products, hair products, etc., you can create a bit of order in your bathroom.

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7. Use a simple belt/accessory hanger to hang tons of different tank tops.

Hometalk | Hometalk

Tank tops on their own hangers are just taking up unnecessary space, and you can easily fit 15 or more camis on an accessory hook like this.

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8. If you can't find a hook, some shower curtain rings can work just as well.

Tumblr | storagegeek

Line the bottom of a hanger with the rings, and hook a tank top onto each one. The tank tops are easy to separate but take up way less space than multiple hangers.

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9. A few self-adhesive hooks will clear up some more space in your drawers and cabinets.

Ask Anna | Ask Anna

These are great for rolls of tinfoil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, etc. Measure the rolls and space out the hooks appropriately.

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Next, punch holes in the boxes of the rolls and stick them right on the hooks.

Ask Anna | Ask Anna

Now you don't have to lug the rolls out of the cabinet each time, plus you're utilizing space that was just empty before.

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10. No more space in your bathroom? Try hanging up baskets for some nifty floating shelves.

Making Lemonade | Making Lemonade

The baskets free up a ton of space, and you'll spend less time rummaging under your sink with wet hands.

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11. You probably haven't even noticed that tiny space between the fridge and the wall.

Classy Clutter | Classy Clutter

You can make your own skinny cabinet with wheels to go inside the space, and use it to store canned food or spices.

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12. Give your bed a lift for a bit of extra space.

Amazon | Amazon

The space under the bed is out of sight and out of mind, so get yourself some extra organizing room by using bed risers.

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13. Make good use of a tension rod under your sink by hanging spray bottles off it.

A Thousand Words | A Thousand Words

This hack leaves a lot more room underneath for other cleaning supplies while maintaining easy access to the spray bottles.

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14. Let's face it, most shoe racks just can't handle the amount of shoes you're dealing with.

Studio Bliss | Studio Bliss

Instead, cut PVC pipe to partly hide the shoes and give each pair their own discrete space.

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15. Mount a wire basket to the bottom of your desk to cut down on a mess of cords.

Instructables | getgreg

You can attach the basket using hooks, and make use of the spaces to slip cords through. The result is a tidy desk without a sprouting of cords near your feet.

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