16 Home Decor Gems You Can Actually DIY

Diply 3 May 2018

There's something that's slightly magical about home decor ideas. Every time I see a new one online, I think, "Yes, that's the piece that will make my home 100x better. If only I could be that classy."

Then I keep on scrolling because, to be honest, a lot of them are expensive.

The solution? DIY the heck out of them. There are tons of amazing DIY home decor gems, so try some of these out for a bit of extra elegance in your home.

1. These galaxy coasters are simply stunning.

A Kailo Chic Life | A Kailo Chic Life

To make them yourself, tape off a portion of the coaster and drip a few colors of alcohol ink onto the other half. Let the ink swirl and run off into a paper towel for a stunning mix of colors.

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2. Hanging shelves add a touch of style to any wall as well as some extra storage space.

Why Don't You Make Me? | Why Don't You Make Me?

These simple shelves just require boards, a drill, some rope cord, and a metal ring to hang it all on.

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3. A quick trip to the craft store and a bit of creativity will earn you some cute new placemats.

A Bubbly Life | A Bubbly Life

It's super easy to find these wooden plaques in craft stores. Then just paint a simple design and spray on shellac.

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4. Thick knit blankets are the absolute best, and you can make your own by using your hand as a crochet hook. 

Flax & Twine | Flax & Twine

Once you've got the pattern down, this chunky blanket comes together in a mere hour.

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5. It's pretty inexpensive to make your own blanket ladder.

Domestically Speaking | Domestically Speaking

The lumber is only about $5, and once you've proved your carpentry skills, you just stain it a lovely weathered gray.

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6. Get out a mold and try out this terrazzo wall clock with some colorful glass.

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Arrange your glass in the bottom of the mold and pour plaster tinted the right color on top. When it's dry, sand out the rough patches and add your clock kit.

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7. Transform a plain IKEA cabinet into a snazzy bar cabinet.

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

You can feel like you're straight out of Mad Men with a few simple fixes, including some stylish legs, a lip at the top that keep the drinks from spilling, new handles, and a fresh coat of paint with added wooden leaves.

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8. Hexagon and honeycomb shelves seem to add a lovely quirkiness to a wall.

Make & Do Crew | Make & Do Crew

It's hard to believe these gorgeous shelves are made of popsicle sticks, glue, and wood stain, but it's that simple.

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9. This sunburst mirror only cost $15 and some binge-watching time.

Little House Big Dogs | Little House Big Dogs

Grab some kebab sticks and glue them to a thrift store mirror in a star pattern, tracing the pattern on the back to keep it consistent. Spray paint them gold and you're done.

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10. Temporary tattoos are a simple way to add a bit of fun to your planters.

A Bubbly Life | A Bubbly Life

Paint your pots the color you'd like and then apply temporary tattoos just like you would to skin. They actually stay on really well, and if you want to switch up the design, you can take them off with nail polish remover.

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11. A set of bright tufted pillows can easily keep the gray skies away.

Sugar and Cloth | Sugar and Cloth

You can make your own pillows or pillow covers and then pull your flossing tight to create a tuft while sewing on the button.

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12. This plush rug is so easy to make that anyone who can weave and fluff can do it.

Paper & Stitch | Paper & Stitch

You just weave cotton piping onto netting and secure with small rubber bands, fluffing as you go. It's time-consuming, but the result is absolutely stunning.

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13. Finally, a use for all those Amazon boxes other than moving.

Elizabeth Joan Designs | Elizabeth Joan Designs

All you have to do is glue twine to the cardboard box, working your way up. Finish it off with a liner out of inexpensive fabric, and you have a classy new basket for your bathroom.

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14. The brass rings on these hanging planters make them look complicated, but they're not.

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

Once you have the hoops, it all comes together pretty quickly with scraps of wood, cotton cord, and screw eye hooks.

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15. Make a regular picture frame into an Instagram-style collage for your favorite photos.

Little Inspiration | Little Inspiration

Create square photo prints and take the glass out of a picture frame. Attach floral wire to the sides and use clips to hold up the photos.

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16. This unique-looking orb makes a great statement piece for a side table.

Home Made Lovely | Home Made Lovely

All you have to do is take apart two embroidery hoops and stain them before assembling them into one piece.

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