Dairy Queen

Get A Sweet Taste Of Fall With Dairy Queen's Delectable Butterscotch Dipped Cone

You would think cooler weather would make people steer clear of the popular summer treat that is ice cream, but that's sorely not the case when it comes to fall seasonal treats.

Dairy Queen's Dreamsicle dipped cone took the nation by storm earlier this summer, and now their Butterscotch dipped flavor is about to do the same.


Dairy Queen

What you're looking at here is Dairy Queen's Butterscotch Dipped Cone a.k.a pure beauty.

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Dairy Queen released it in previous years, and they're releasing it again to satisfy your fall taste buds.

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This is the perfect palette cleanse after all that pumpkin spice you've been consuming thus far.

People are already very excited about, so I think this means you'd better take a little DQ break and get yourself one ASAP.

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