People Are Sharing The Hilarious Ways They Almost Killed Their Siblings As Kids

Lex Gabrielle 10 Sep 2019

We all go through moments in our childhood where we absolutely hate our sibling. Many times, when kids find out that they're getting a brother or sister, they're not too pleased. So, we act dramatic... like, really dramatic.

1. This brother dropped "D Batteries" on his sister's head.

Ouch, that has to hurt.

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2. One sister bit her sister's face.

All over jellybeans.

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3. One sister was so mad, she rubbed her chicken pox-infected arms on him.

This is dangerous... and evil.

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4. Apparently one dad wanted to "dead" his sister.

Not creepy at all.

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5. One big brother wanted to "give his sister back."

Through the window.

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6. This big sister tried to bury her brother with stuffed animals.


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7. Another big sister lifted her baby sister up by the ankles.

And, proceeded to drop her.

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8. One older sister experimented a lot.

She just wanted to see the results!!

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9. These little ones love a good wrestling match.

Nothing wrong with a casual body slam.

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10. This big sister was trying to ... help.

Surprised she survived.

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11. These sisters fought dirty.

An '80s TV remote? Iconic.

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