People Are Divided After Mom Demands Guests Can Only Come To Baby Shower If They Bring A Gift

Lex Gabrielle 9 Sep 2019

Many women throw baby showers to celebrate bringing a new child into the world. Most people who come to baby showers come with gifts for the new bundle of joy.

However, not everyone does.

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Some people prefer to give gifts after the baby is born and others, well others just don't give gifts at all.

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One mom decided she wasn't having any of that.

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If she was going to spend the money to throw a shower and feed everyone who attends, she wasn't going to have them not bringing any gifts.

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An Instagram account called "The Shade Room" shared the tweet online.

She wrote:

"Whoever has a wristband on gets a plate; no wristband, no food. Cause wtf you coming to a baby shower for with no gift? To see me open everyone else gift and eat!"

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Some people agree 100%

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One person wrote:

"100% agree, in my baby shower I got soo many extra people I didn’t know it was ridiculous and the food was all gone before I even started the games and I didn’t get that many gifts, I think next time around I’m just not going to bother doing a baby shower for myself."

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Someone said it's smart to let only the people who bring gifts eat.

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"I think it’s smart. Ppl can still come by if they want to show love n congratulate, but they ain’t gonna eat / drink for free with no gift," one person wrote in the comments. "These kind of parties are an investment, the end goal is to profit n be set with everything they might need. So this system is genius."

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Others just straight up said it's poor manners to go without a gift.

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"I for one this it’s appropriate I hate going to any birthday parties or baby showers and not [bring] a gift it’s only fair since the host has all the food and stuff and I hate it when I have a party for my kid but some adults choose not to bring anything like really."

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Another reminded everyone that "it takes a village" to raise a baby.

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"You gotta be from a dysfunctional family to feel this. But some of us come from families that will literally show up to your event to eat AND bring two friends, not leave a gift AND leave early but Snap/Instapost the entire event like they contributed. The point of the baby shower is to prepare the parents with the things they need to welcome the baby. People saying “she need to buy stuff for her own baby” never heard the phrase “it takes a village”.

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However, other people said it's pretty damn petty.

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"Petty , baby showers are for people to enjoy and celebrate the life that the future mother will bring into the world. Not everyone can afford to buy a present but at least if they show up at all they actually care. It’s not all about the presents because if it was people wouldn’t spend time decorating and planning their baby shower."

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Others said it's not the "baby shower guest's job" to fund your baby.

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"If you depending on the baby shower to have things for your baby then you don’t need to be having a baby. HONESTLY."

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In the end, it's a strong take.

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Throwing a baby shower does cost money, so expecting gifts doesn't seem far off.

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What do you think?

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Would you agree with this take, or is it too harsh?

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