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Mom Hilariously Pranks Her Kids And Shares The Humor On Her Instagram Account

Lex Gabrielle 11 Sep 2019

Being a parent can be stressful and tiring. Looking after an entire family can sometimes wear you down. That's why some parents choose to make their family full of fun and excitement, to keep things happy and interesting.

The Harfin family clearly has a sense of humor.

Mom loves to post videos of "taking revenge" on her kids, posting hilarious pranks she pulls on her two sons.

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Like freezing their cereal.


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Filling bowling balls with whipped cream.

Clearly, the best prank ever.

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Switching out candy with tomatoes.

Execution = 100%.

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Hacking the sink in the morning.


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Making them walk across LEGOs for their stuff.

The ultimate revenge!

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Switching out ice cream with potatoes.

With EXTRA salt.

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Filling their straws with chili powder.

Chocolate milk, with spice.

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Creating a surprise slip and slide.


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Making fake facemasks.

Gotcha. (It's actually marmite, ha!)

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Obviously, this family knows how to have fun.

And, keep us all laughing. Did anyone else get some ideas to use on their kids from this account?

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