8+ Kids Who Amazed Us With Their Creative 'Inventions'

Lex Gabrielle 6 Sep 2019

Some kids come up with such genius inventions, their parents should sign them up for Shark Tank immediately to get that paper trail going. Only kids could think of these things.

1. This kid who made his mom an iPad stand out of LEGOs.

Cheap and easy!

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2. This kid who made a free wireless speaker.

Brilliant and loud, just what we need.

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3. This kid who found a full proof way to make sure your spoon doesn't fall in your milk.

This needs a patent.

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4. This kid who made his own movie theater.

For free! It was made with a regular baseball cap and some Lincoln Logs.

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5. This kid who just wanted to play in the rain.

But, he's not wet. Pretty smart.

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6. This kid who hacked the bunk bed.

Movie time... in bed!

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7. These kids who will stay forever hydrated

And, sharing is caring.

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8. This kid who made lawn mowing way easier.

Imgur l BrianCTaylor55

Chores and exercise in one.

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9. This kid who invented a way to track Nascar races.

Imgur l jdinmd

It's live, in person!

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10. This kid who made his own swing.

Maybe not super safe, but super creative.

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11. This kid who found a way to beat allergy season.

So smart.

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12. This kid who found a new way to make art.

Roll around and make a masterpiece.

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13. This kid who solved the rolling pencil epidemic.

Simple and perfect.

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14. This kid who made sure she could read in the tub.

Reddit l crash-from-space

No books dropped in water.

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15. This kid who can have his own home theater.

Reddit | arvzg

That's one way to get the most out of your coffee table.

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