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13+ Pics Of The Human Body In Ways You May Have Never Seen Before

Amy Pilkington 18 Aug 2019

The human body is a weird and wonderful thing. Somehow these overly complicated meat sacks keep us alive while encasing our thoughts and feelings and memories in the fleshy lump up top.

We're used to seeing bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors, but sometimes weird things happen that are just kind of cool, you know?

1. This scar pretty much repels dirt.

Reddit | Joerglatte

Or perhaps more correctly, it gives it nothing to stick onto. Dirt collects in our sweat and skin oils, but scar tissue doesn't have pores. No pores means no sweat means no dirt can stick to it.

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2. I'm kind of regretting that second cookie right now.

Reddit | Cory0527

This is a model representation of five pounds of body fat, including some red vascular bits.

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3. This hand and foot belong to the same person.

Reddit | MadoneXI

They're a soldier who spent the whole day in the hot desert sun. However, their feet spent the whole time in heavy combat boots, leaving them pale and sickly-looking.

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4. We've all heard about hair growing back darker and thicker after shaving, but that's not the only time it happens.

Reddit | Angry_Panda125

This person had an injury requiring a cast. The physical trauma of the injury mixed with the time in the cast has made their one hand much furrier.

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5. Foreign objects will move around for years, like this shard of glass.

Reddit | x-man01

Twelve years after a car accident, this tiny bit of shrapnel finally made its way to freedom.

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6. A lesson in proportions.

Reddit | The711Devin

As you can see in this pic, your foot is roughly the length of your forearm.

Yes, I tried this, and yes, I struggled to bend that far. But it's true.

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7. It's possible to have too much bone growth in your body.

Reddit | beletab

The rare condition is called fibrous dysplasia ossificans and the skeletons left throughout history are fascinating and terrifying.

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8. Dermagraphia is a skin condition that causes raised welts.

Reddit | gryffindorito

It can be a real bother, but it also means that you can "write" on your body temporarily. One person referred to themselves as a human Etchasketch.

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9. This x-ray shows six fully-functional toes.

Reddit | DomnLee

It's more common for extra toes to be vestigial and not fully formed, but this one has a full bone.

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10. This person has a fully-functional sixth finger on each hand.

Reddit | Designer_Drugz

I wonder if there was some confusion over which finger the ring should be worn on. And do they get charged extra for manicures?

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11. On the opposite end of the scale, this person was born without a pinky finger.

Reddit | fm369

If I was them, I would be rocking some Simpsons' cosplay at Comic Con.

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12. Skin grafts can result in some awkward questions.

Reddit | everyone_always

This person's has caused them to grow hair on their palm, which must make them the butt of many jokes.

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13. We may notice a lot about each other's eyes, but there's something a little more subtle that makes this one unique.

Reddit | wubwub789

That's because they have a genetic mutation known as distichiasis, which causes the development of extra rows of eyelashes.

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14. It only takes a brief look at this person's right foot to tell what's different about them.

Reddit | theforsaganone

They've apparently experienced what they refer to as toe deformation since birth and it makes them uneasy about the thought of getting a pedicure.

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15. There's a reason that this man received the nickname "24" in his hometown.

Reddit | -Rapty-

You may have noticed that he has six fingers on each hand, but you'd apparently discover the same thing if you counted his toes.

Do the math and you end up with 24.

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16. Although some people are happy enough to have a sixth finger, others find that they're more trouble than they're worth.

Reddit | Clockeky

In this case, this woman couldn't get much use of her extra digits because they didn't have any bones, so she had them amputated.

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17. It's not uncommon for some of these bodily differences to occur as a result of certain bones and joints fusing together.

Reddit | MadMike404

A small case of this occurred in this woman's left hand, which now leaves it slightly shorter than her right hand.

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18. Other times, however, this fusion is much more pronounced and carries more impactful consequences.


Not only was this person born with just a middle finger, a thumb, and an index finger on their left hand, but the index and middle fingers were fused together and had to be separated.

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19. Matthias Schlitte of Germany was born with a rare genetic mutation that left his right arm 33% larger than his left.

Reddit | primal-chaos

If you guessed that this would make him an arm-wrestling champion, ESPN would confirm that you're right as he has not only competed professionally but won in both his native Germany and in international competitions.

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20. Normally, we might put this knuckle difference down to arthritis or an injury, but this is what it's supposed to look like.

Reddit | lordedgegod

This woman just happened to end up with a larger middle knuckle on one hand than the other other, which she apparently uses to her advantage while boxing.

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21. Although some people will surgically achieve this look, this man's ears have always been like this.

Reddit | wearto

His condition is technically called a cleft lobe, but it functionally means he has two earlobes at once. It hasn't affected his hearing.

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22. Although we may have heard of somebody being "pigeon-toed," there's more to it than how their feet work.

Reddit | JustAnotherGinga

As ABC News reported, not only does a pigon-toed person's toes point inward, but it's often true that their knees do as well.

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23. Eye and hair color aren't the only things we tend to inherit from our parents.

Reddit | uh_hi489

As we can see here, some people might find that their parents' genes bequeathed them a crooked pinky finger.

Still, you never know how your genes will turn out, as this person's father was the only other person in the family besides their brother to feature crooked pinkies.

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24. Not that we would generally notice this in each other, but this person has a split uvula.

Reddit | kalvunklein

It may not seem like a big change, but it's meant, they always have a lot of mucus building up in their throat and their speech often has to be louder to pronounce words correctly.

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25. This woman's ears are naturally pointed, but it took years before she ever noticed this about herself.


Unfortunately, she only came to this realization after people in high school teased her about her ears. That hasn't stopped her from wanting to dress as an elf for Halloween, though.

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26. If it seems like this person's left foot is more relaxed than their right, that's not exactly what's going on here.

Reddit | TheBibleofPineapple

In reality, four of the five toes on their left foot simply have no bones in them, which sounds like it would impact their ability to walk more than it has.

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27. That small hole next to this person's ear is known as a preauricular sinus or pit.

Reddit | RowanKon

As Dr. Masaru Honda's research team discovered, 75% of these pits don't show any adverse symptoms, but some can experience repeated infections.

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28. This person's extra thumb led them on what sounds like an exhausting medical journey.

Reddit | DanNermantheMan

As doctors cut into the extra thumb, they noticed that it was the only of the two thumbs with actual nerves and tendons inside.

This meant they had to transfer all of those materials over to the thumb that now remains.

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29. This doesn't mark a major bodily difference, but it's one that doesn't appear very often.

Reddit | DanNermantheMan

The lighting of this photo makes it a little hard to see, but this person only has half of a fingernail on this digit.

All we know is that it happened at birth and neither the flesh part nor the part with the nail feel too unusual.

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30. This young woman has had this extra connection between her tongue and the rest of her mouth since birth.

Reddit | ImWorthlessOk

This can apparently happen from time to time, but the standard practice is usually to sever the connection before it leads to any speech issues.

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31. It's sometimes known as "Hitchhiker's Thumb," but the bottom line is that this condition makes the thumb hyper-flexible.

Reddit | yatone

So although many of us would wince at the idea of putting our thumbs into this position, but doesn't inspire much worry for those who could comfortably bend it this way since birth.

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32. Although it's unclear what's causing this, the veins in this person's hand have "bubbled up" like this since birth.

Reddit | MessiIsMyGod

This means that they receive a great deal of bruising and swelling whenever thy injure this hand, which made commenters very nervous.

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33. This person was born with two extra ribs, but that's not a surplus that they necessarily wanted.

Reddit | SpaceBlob69

That's because one of them dug into a main artery, which caused enough blood clotting to put their arm at risk of amputation.

Fortunately, the situation was resolved by removing the rib itself.

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34. A condition known as coloboma can sometimes give a person's pupils a "keyhole" shape.

Reddit | Taylor_Satine

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a coloboma is the result of certain tissues that help form the eye not materializing before birth.

This can affect vision if that tissue was supposed to help form the retina, but it usually doesn't lead to vision problems in cases like this where only the irises are affected.

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35. It's not unheard for babies to be born with a decent head of hair, but they usually don't look like they just left the salon.

Reddit | Uberpwnyexpress23

And yet, this baby was actually born with blonde highlights in her dark hair. It's not likely that it'll stay that way as she develops, though.

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36. Some people might find that the develop bald spots later in life, but this person always had theirs.

Reddit | Terra277

We can kind of see that little circle on the left side of this baby's head where no hair will ever grow, but it became a lot more noticeable as they aged.

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37. This is the skin after a round of laser epilation.

Reddit | transpassing_throw

This process uses a laser to destroy the hair follicles, preventing regrowth after a number of sessions.

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38. If you haven't had a baby, you may not realize that they're born with razor-like fingernails.

Reddit | mozzzzyyy

It's not uncommon for people to have scars from cutting themselves as babies when their parents forgot to trim their nails.

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39. This eye has stitches around the iris.

Reddit | JelliedBiscuit

The person just had a full thickness cornea transplant. The stitches will actually stay for 6-12 months until the doctor is happy with the results.

It's surprising to hear, but the stitches are completely invisible to the eye itself. They don't impede vision.

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