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11+ People Who Had A Point To Make And Went All Out

Sydney Brooman 16 Aug 2019

There are people who have a point to make, and then there are people who have a point to make if you get my drift. The average person will put in a moderate amount of effort to make a joke, but the strong-willed and magnificent among us will always go the extra mile.

These peeps just pulled a checkmate on all of us, while we're just sitting here all like "Okay, point proven."

1. Goodnight Sweet Prince

Reddit | GetInMyJetSki

Obviously if you have two syrups and one has to go, you allow them to sort out their difference through a fight to the death. Makes sense to me.

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2. To Thine Own Self Be True

Reddit | Ashoham

So there's this Game of Thrones quote that's like "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you," and I'm just gonna apply that here.

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3. Shadow

Reddit | jenmsft

I, um, don't think this cat really got the point that was being made here.

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4. The Wall

Reddit | Import

I would've appreciated a continuation of the conversation, but that's just me. I love the drama of it all.

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5. Something Fishy

Reddit | Kronic1990

"Someone microwaved fish for lunch at my work," the caption to this photo reads. "I think this gets our point across, firmly, but passively."

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6. The Art Of Subtlety

Reddit | noisybotnet

There is no way on earth that that was an accident. I see you.

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7. Full House

Reddit | goodlyearth

You know who wrote that? The boy in the middle of seven sisters.

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8. Glockamole

Reddit | BubbleBeat3333

That's it. That's the joke. The man put a gun in a freshly made bowl of dip for this forsaken pun.

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9. Clever Advertising

Reddit | vmrchs

In the world of capitalism, you gotta really separate yourself from the crowd.

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10. C Is For...Cookie.

Reddit | grundleofjoy

"Someone actually bought a 'C' decal and went for it," one guy writes. "Like, they WENT for it."

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11. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Reddit | mcr1166

That is what they do. No liars round these parts. Yee Haw.

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12. Your Weakness Is Your Strength

Reddit | Alabaster_Sugarfoot

Saw an opportunity and took the frick out of it, as you should. Well done.

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13. Hold Down The Fort

Reddit | I-beheaded-a-fly

This bird fell right into his owner's trap—literally and metaphorically.

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14. These Streets

Reddit | atom138




Point proven.

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15. Just how sturdy IS the cupboard?

Reddit | obvnotlupus

That's not what I meant Bob. Get out of the cupboard please.

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16. When you get arrested at a protest and the cops find this in your pocket:

Reddit | flamingboard

Honestly Sir, you played us. You're free to go.

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17. How much air is in one potato chip bag?

Reddit | yonhapnews

Enough for these Korean students to build a raft out of chip bags in order to prove their point.

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18. In what world is this funny?

Reddit | johnschmidt4372

Just because you can do something to prove a point, doesn't always mean you should.

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19. This person doesn't have tiled floors.

Reddit | ordin22

He vacuumed the carpet like this to show his wife the before and after difference.

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20. When you tell your girlfriend that it's impossible to keep a coin on its side.

Reddit | nnaknak

Point proven. Excessively, but still proven.

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21. Proving a point for 35 years.

Reddit | JustRanger

What do you do when your mom says "you're not going to keep that bottle" ? Keep it for over three decades.

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22. Till Death Do Us Part

Reddit | mrpooscratch

Surprisingly, this con actually worked, and the man sold all his books in an hour.

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23. Science Rules

Reddit | dp29

"My girlfriend always denies taking up space in the bed, so I made this diagram," this man writes, "This is for men everywhere."

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24. "I didn't believe my roommate until I saw the report."

Reddit | lawschoolwasamistake

Get this man a "point proven" award. Quickly.

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25. Not So Young Love

Reddit | Upstream15

"Married for 62 years, but my grandpa still will pull out an atlas to prove my grandma wrong," this person shares.

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26. Big Mouth

Reddit | j_shor

I don't even think I want to know the context here, but he certainly proved his point...I think.

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27. Super Power

Reddit | underdog106

I guess being bald does have its perks.

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28. Heavy Whipping Cream

Reddit | wolfshademiner

This...this isn't exactly what I meant...

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29. "You don't look like the uni-bomber"

Reddit | N1KZ0NK

This wasn't the best moment in which to be right. Sorry my dude.

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30. Doctor's Note

Reddit | megalotusman

To be fair, Doctor's notes in adult workplaces are pretty lame.

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31. Art can be anything.

Reddit | charbok

"When my parents asked me to 'just cut the vegetables' I wanted to show them my worth," this woman wrote.

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32. When your girlfriend accuses you of always wearing the same color.

Reddit | Whoisnotwo

Can we just stop for a second and appreciate how aesthetically pleasing this is???

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33. Close, but no cigar.

Reddit | DattNamon

When this color-blind man claimed that he could solve a Rubix cube he...well, he proved his point so long as no one else sees it.

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34. Trashy

Reddit | YouGotRedOnYou

"I had to dig this out of the garbage to prove to my girlfriend that the corner was NOT from a condom wrapper," this guy writes.

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35. Road Block

Reddit | Djflish

So that's why you can't put away your toys.

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36. When your wife says she never plays games on her iPad.

Reddit | theguestdj

This guy should straight up just be a forensic scientist. That's some Making A Murderer ish right there.

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37. Point Udderly Proven

Reddit | batusoydeger

Sometimes, you really just have to go back to the beginning, like how they did things in the olden days. Feels more natural.

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38. Technically Correct

Reddit | Astro_Nout

Yeah Bob, can't complain about it being an eye sore any longer can ya?

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39. They Grow Up So Fast

Reddit | TexanMcDaniel

"My friend’s parents did him dirty," this guy writes.

I see no problem here. Quite the glow up.

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