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Whoa, Celeb Kids Are All Wearing The Same Backpack To School This Year

Rae Batchelor 15 Aug 2019

It's back to school season, and while normally you can't get a group of kids to agree on anything (one wants markers, one wants pencil crayons, one wants graph paper, the other wants lined), there's one thing that celebrity kids do all seem to be in agreement on this year: Parkland backpacks.

Sarah Jessica Parker's kids are sporting them.

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Would Carrie ever steer you or your kids wrong? I don't think so. These backpacks come in some rockin' patterns.

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Chrissy Teigen's adorable kids Miles and Luna also have been pictured with their own fun patterned backpacks.

Instagram | @chrissyteigen

Not only do these bags look cool, they're made out of recycled bottles, so they're super eco-friendly. They have tons of storage, too, so if your kids have a million things they insist on bringing with them everywhere, no need to worry.

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Here's Alec and Hilaria's Baldwin's kids with their own fun Parkland backpack.

Instagram | @hilariabaldwin

Luckily, you don't have to be a celebrity to grab a Parkland backpack, since they're not only fashionable and eco-friendly, but affordable too.

Which pattern is your favorite? I'm totally obsessed with the wiener dog/hot dog mashup.

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