12+ People Who Did Not Get What They Ordered

Online shopping can oftentimes be a hit or miss. After all, you can't really see or touch the item you're buying so you're relying solely on pictures of other people's reviews. But even that can sometimes be problematic. Because you never know if a review is genuine or not.

These people found out the hard way that online shopping is a gamble.

1. "The Walking Dead"

Speaking of pictures, even those can sometimes be deceiving. I mean who knew it would look like this in person? Right? This is just weird.

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2. Cut A Rug

Reddit | xxxjasminebxxx

When you order that new bathroom rug online you don't expect to receive this. Do you? I mean what the hell were they thinking. OMG.

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3. When You Get A New Friend


"My buddy ordered a 1/2" solenoid valve from Amazon, received a 7' tall Teddy Bear. They played hockey on Xbox.'"LOL!

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4. The Nerve

Reddit | Galifrae

"Girlfriend ordered a jacket from Target, got this instead. They don't even have this item in their inventory." OMG, that one is the funniest. What?

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5. When They Don't Get It Right

Online retailers must we really swamped in the summer because this doesn't look like a unicorn floatie. Not even remotely close.

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6. The Cat Isn't Impressed

Reddit | cewallace9

"Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon." That's some good advice. I dunno how that happens. The cat's face is priceless.

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7. Art Is Art


Turns out you can't even order an original piece of art online based on the picture they show you because what shows up doesn't always measure up.

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8. A Kid Knitted It

Reddit | pencil-pusher

I bet when this lady ordered this extremely chunky knitted blanket she wasn't expecting a baby version. That picture is so deceiving. Ugh.

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9. Flowers Switcheroo


If you ordered flowers online, you should ask the recipient to take a picture of what they received. You might be surprised. This happens all the time.

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10. Voodoo Doll

Oh, what an adorable little keychain. Wait a minute, what she received looks more like a voodoo doll. LOL. I would get rid of that fast.

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11. One Size Fits All

Reddit | skoochapp

You'd think that when you order a dress online that's a size S you would be safe. No? Guess again. This one is roomy enough for two.

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12. Jump, Kitty!

Reddit | bleumarker

When you buy a cat tower from Amazon, there's no way to know for sure if it will actually support your cat until you get it.

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13. The World's Smallest Sink

Reddit | dasrindfleisch

I'm dying of laughter because it looks like the faucet is almost as big as the sink. Thanks, Amazon!

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14. Not Quite What She Had In Mind

Instead of a cute crop top, this poor woman got this baggy shirt with a misaligned pattern. Return it ASAP!

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15. A Teeny-Tiny Frying Pan

Reddit | madlyalive

What could you even cook in this? Enough food for a mouse, I suppose.

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16. What Is Even Going On Here?

Reddit | rjmartin73

Someone ordered "unicorn" underwear and got these instead. For the record, those are definitely not unicorns.

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17. "Family-Size" Pizza Pan

Reddit | ShhhtanHalen

Since when did "family-size" mean "slightly bigger than a quarter"? Not what this buyer had in mind.

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18. Read The Dimensions, Folks

Reddit | bolthead88

Before you accidentally buy a lamp for a doll, double-check the size!

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19. Extra Item

Reddit | Cyrussphere

Sometimes, people get a freebie thrown in with their online order. Like this manual about communism. Okay...

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20. Just Why?

Reddit | BetterDayz4me

These jelly beans were what the customer ordered, but was it really necessary to wrap them individually?

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21. Back-To-School Fail

Reddit | amandal0514

Trying to save money by purchasing back-to-school supplies online? Just make sure they come in the proper size first.

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22. I Hope They Got A Refund

Reddit | BluntLema

I'm sorry, but these flowers just look pathetic. It's almost like they know and are hanging their heads in disappointment.

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23. Um, What?

Reddit | UhhhNope

When you ask for an extra topping on your pizza, you expect it to actually be on the pizza — not included as a side garnish.

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24. This "Textbook"

Reddit | themalemisty

I sincerely hope this poor soul didn't shell out $300 for two pieces of cardboard glued together.

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25. An Authentic Polo

Reddit | thisisspinalfap

Buying designer clothes online can always be a gamble. When you think you're getting a real Ralph Lauren polo shirt, you could just end up with a cheap knock-off.

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26. Too Good Too Be True

Reddit | ErnsteinBear

If you think you've scored an awesome deal, be sure to check out the size. Sometimes, the price is so great because it's actually a kid's item. Noooooooo....

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27. Why Can't Companies Agree On Sizes?

The worst thing about shopping online is how every store has their own take on sizes. A size 10 at one store is more like a size 6 at another. Why does this always happen?!

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28. Medical-Grade Tweezers

Nothing will surprise you quite like opening up your package to discover that those tweezers you bought are actually gigantic.

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29. Life-Size Chair

Reddit | StrangeSpeed

And then there are times when you think you order a life-size item like this chair that actually ends up being its mini version instead.

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30. Seeing Double

Reddit | SpontaneousCupcake

When you order wrapping paper online and they send you a massive poster of your face. Ha, ha, ha! That's actually pretty hilarious. Just keep it.

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This is exactly why I'm so paranoid about buying stuff online.


And I can't relax until I actually receive all my items safe and sound. LOL! Am I too much?

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