13+ Pics Of Kids Before And After Their First Day Of School That Prove First Days Are Rough

Lex Gabrielle 6 Aug 2019

The first day of school can be an exciting time for kids and parents alike. Every parent is looking forward to their kids finally going back to school, and kids are somewhat excited to see all their friends again. But, the before and the after are two very, very different moods.

1. Excitement leads to exhaustion.

Reddit l cr0gd0r

Everything was so promising, before he had to sit through the entire day. Exhaustion, total and utter exhaustion.

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2. Didn't even make it home.

Instagram | @sef_beachbaby

Someone's going to sleep well tonight.

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3. Kindergarten life is hard.

Bored Panda l Haley Dottley

Only a few hours of coloring and she's out like a light.

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4. Total wipe-out.

Instagram | @jesse_boyd_elementary

It's not easy being in a place for five-six hours and being told what to do.

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5. One day down... a bunch more to go.

Instagram | @bittoluv

Don't worry, bud, it'll get easier.

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6. Adorable little mess.

Bored Panda l Holly Ferris

What happened to that adorable bow?!? Looks like school took a toll.

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7. "I give up."


After a long day at work, I too like to face plant on the carpet.

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8. The look of delirium.

Bored Panda l Unknown

She's trying her best to stay awake but it's all exhaustion.

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9. One has already given up.


Hey, I don't blame him. Why can't summer last forever?

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10. In deep thought.

Bored Panda l Guinevere Sta Ana

She's contemplating why she has to go to school for so many more years, obviously.

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11. Done for.

Reddit l Camillavilla

She doesn't even want to go to school for the first day, let alone the second.

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12. "Mom, don't send me back."

Bored Panda l Angela Jameson

School just isn't for everyone.

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13. Happiness only lasts so long.


How did school pickups become so depressing?

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14. TKO.


When all else fails, nap anywhere.

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15. Don't look so down!

Reddit | marvinthmartian

How could anyone be so upset next to a colorful sign like this?

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16. Already over it.

Reddit | ifukeenrule

This is how I look most weekdays, so I totally get it.

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17. Oops...


This guy didn't hold back when he expressed his real feelings about the first day of school.

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18. So many emotions in one photo.

Reddit | tmeth

Those boys don't look nearly as happy as their parents. They'll understand when they have their own kids one day.

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19. The first day versus the second day.

Reddit | MissT45

Things go downhill pretty quickly. Hang in there, buddy!

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20. The realization about what school is actually about.

Reddit | Superninjafy

No, no, it is cool! You'll see!

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21. His face says it all.

Reddit | kevmac512

Is this kid happy about going back to school? My money is on "no".

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22. Lillie knows what's up.

Reddit | redome

If you think you're going to get a cute back-to-school photo from this girl, you better think again.

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23. Not a happy princess.

Reddit | BannanaNutBread

Aww, chin up, princess. You'll be the queen of the school in no time.

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24. At least she's happy!

Reddit | cognitive_shift

This is nice change. Glad to see that this girl is pumped for back to school!

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25. I can't tell if that's a happy face or not.

Reddit | summertimewine

He looks like he's smiling... sort of... right?

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26. Someone's second first day of school versus someone's last first day.

Reddit | Jerdin96

Just a few more years and you'll be as happy as the guy on the right.

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27. She's staring into my soul.

Reddit | herron23

Do not cross paths with this girl on her first day. She shouldn't be messed with.

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28. When mom forgets the sign...

Being a Pinterest mom is not all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes, you forget things.

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29. Well, we know how she feels.

She's not afraid to tell everyone that she is not down for this whole back to school thing.

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30. Even the little guys aren't pumped.

Reddit | moisesj23

He might be young, but this kid is not a fan of his first day so far.

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31. The struggle is real.

Reddit l boobafett13

Looks like me before and after happy hour.

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