12+ Times Genius Designs Showed Up Out Of Nowhere

Dan 22 Jul 2019

It's a good thing there are plenty of geniuses in the world who are continually coming up with cool ideas...because, honestly, when it comes to unique, clever, genius ideas, I've got nothin'. Let's admire some incredible ideas.

1. That's one useful notch.

Reddit | 2040009

This chair is an example of design that's very minimalistic, but also very functional. No one really wants to put their purse or backpack on the ground, and this chair provides an elegant alternative.

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2. Doing it right.

Reddit | bserum

Everyone knows it's a bad idea to pull on the cable of a plug because it can lead to fraying. Still, sometimes it's hard not to, especially when the plug is hard to grip. This solves that problem.

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3. Cool idea.

Reddit | Justin531857

At first it looks like a riff on protesters chaining themselves to something, but the genius in this climate protest lies in the detail: each protester is standing atop a rapidly melting block of ice.

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4. Rainbow road.

Reddit | People_Milkshake

This cool little Easter egg was done up by Google Maps in honor of Chicago's Pride festivities. It's a fun way to celebrate the event, and also provides handy, at-a-glance info on the parade route.

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5. This could save lives.

Reddit | SpacePistachio

Many people who need to take regular medication struggle with memory and cognitive issues. These pill bottle lids, which provide info on when the bottle was last opened, can help people take their meds on time.

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6. So many conversations.

Reddit | Lapsos_de_Lucidez

This area looks empty, yet somewhat populated. That's because of the cool design on these pillars. Besides offering some visual interest in and of themselves, they also create silhouettes of people talking using negative space.

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7. Double duty.

Reddit | onlyvariegatedplz

Lots of takeout places rely on pen and paper, rather than computers, to jot orders down. This place is no different, but it cleverly ensures that the order form and takeout bag are one and the same.

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8. A commuter's best friend.

Reddit | Meeshamoosha

If you take public transit, there are probably times you want to put your feet up. This transit system encourages this act by allowing commuters to lift seats up, saving them from getting dirtied by shoes.

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9. For tactile types.

Reddit | pdr87

This custom Rubik's cube is yet another example of how Lego can do no wrong. It uses textures, rather than colors, allowing people with impaired vision to complete the puzzle.

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10. I don't remember a giant amp being there.

Reddit | davevw9898

Those big iron grates that cover closed stores are ugly, but often necessary. This music store has created something special here by making the grate look like a ginormous Fender guitar amplifier.

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11. Only $2.49.

Reddit | max_paeload

Those big, heavy-duty Ikea bags are pretty durable, but they do break eventually. This Ikea store has found a way to recycle them into these fun bucket hats. It's economical and serves as a free billboard for Ikea.

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12. I don't know that brand.

Reddit | KieranD9503

This billboard in the United Kingdom uses well-known cigarette graphics to call attention to a different kind of public health issue. It's an effective way to draw eyeballs to its message.

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13. All of the classics.

Reddit | dorian_white1

Once, this wall of the Kansas City Library was just a plain slab of concrete on the side of a parking garage. A little bit of clever design has created an eye-catching, and totally on-brand, facade for the library.

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14. Put these everywhere.

Reddit | SocialMediaHotdog

USB outlets are becoming ubiquitous, but what do you do if you can't find your cable? I love this option, even if the phone hanging down, unsupported by anything but its cable, gives me anxiety.

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15. No more dings.

Reddit | tomoblob

You may be a masterful driver who never does any wrong, but that doesn't really matter if the jerk who parks next to you dents your car. This parking garage uses hanging pool noodles to prevent such an occurrence.

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16. Surveillance has never been so cute.

Reddit | Scout6feetup

This cute art doesn't try to hide the surveillance camera, exactly, but it makes it more palatable. If we're all on camera all the time anyway, it probably feels a little better to think of Big Brother as a cute frog.

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17. This is a must.

Reddit | AlexsDoritos

Unless it takes place in a lecture hall, the demonstrations in cooking classes can be hard for those seated in the back to see what's going on. Some angled mirrors solve that problem quite nicely.

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18. Ever had trouble filling up your water bottle at a fountain? Me too.

Reddit | dismalhistory

That's why these fountains are designed specifically with water bottles in mind.

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19. Why would you need three socks?

Reddit | gravy_vestibule

Easy. When you lose one or the dryer eats one, you want to still be able to have a pair!

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20. Safety first.

reddit | lionheart10801

This knife comes pre-packaged with a Band-aid, just in case.

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21. Spare table.

reddit | phrogwing

No, no, it's actually made out of a piece of a bowling alley lane.

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22. Everyone should get to experience playground fun.

Reddit | Kittenblack

This swing is specifically designed for those who use a wheel chair.

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23. This viewer adds a little more color to the world.

Reddit | aegist1

It uses prisms to allow those with colorblindness to see the landscape as able-bodied people see it.

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24. Showering with a cast is almost impossible.

Reddit | xventriloquist

But this woman found a way around that issue by 3D printing her leg cast, making it water proof!

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25. We've got good chemistry.

Reddit | woodruff42

Seriously. This paper is shaped like hexagons to allow for an easier time with organic chemistry equations.

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26. There are two kinds of shoppers.

Reddit | noideawhatsupp

And now both can have their ideal shopping experience. This is located in UAE, Dubai, but I'm anticipating that this idea will spread like wildfire.

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27. No one has fridge space for an entire pizza box.

Reddit | dark_forebodings_too

That's why this pizza box folds into a smaller box specifically for your leftovers.

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28. And while we're on the topic of pizza...

Reddit | polynilium

This restaurant menu allows you to see what the pizza actually looks like before you order it.

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29. When you buy new shoes, you want to make sure they protect your feet from the worst of the worst.

Reddit | Fresh_Asuna

Obviously I'm talking about LEGO, which is why this shoe store has a pit of it ready for you to test your new shoes on.

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30. Casual Vacancy.

Reddit | katewhiteshark

These bathroom stalls have lights above them so that you always know if one is in use or not.

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31. No running in the halls!

Reddit | roadtrip-ne

This hallways is designed specifically to stop people from running down it and hurting themselves.

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32. Makes sense.

Reddit | cawclot

It seems a little weird to put these fire evacuation signs so low to the ground, but think about it for a second: if the halls are full of smoke, you'll be crawling along the ground and looking for a way out.

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33. Good, clean fun.

Reddit | Micool31

This car wash has something I've never seen before, and now desperately want to try. You're looking at its suds gun, which can be pivoted to fire at any cars getting cleaned.

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34. Watch your step.

Reddit | Eric__Fapton

It isn't that I don't appreciate the optical illusion on this staircase, it's just that I wouldn't want to try to take it on after having a couple of drinks.

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