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Instead Of Raiding Area 51, This Animal Shelter Wants You To Raid It

By now, we've all heard way too much about this dumb Area 51 raid that's planned on Facebook. In this article, we're going to have to discuss this briefly, but fear not: there are also cute puppies to ogle.

Wait, back up.


Okay, so Area 51 is a formerly secret military base in the Nevada desert that might (but probably doesn't) contain aliens, and unless you have top secret clearance, you're not allowed anywhere near it. A bunch of Facebook users are planning to change that.

Area 51 raid? Sounds dumb!


It is dumb! But that hasn't stopped literally millions of people from saying they'll be going to the Facebook event. According to the event page, which I won't link here because it's dumb, raiders can overcome Area 51 camo dudes using 'Naruto running.'

What if there was a better way?

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

OKC Animal Welfare, an animal rescue center in Oklahoma City, has been paying attention to the memes about the Area 51 raid. They've got a better, safer proposal for the would-be alien hunters of Facebook.

This beats an alien autopsy any day.

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

In a series of photos that have been jazzed up so they resemble, I dunno, alien test tubes or something, the rescue center is showing off the various pets who need a loving home.


Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

They really committed to the theme, not only adding cartoon aliens to every frame, but also crafting alien antennae (or is it a tinfoil hat) for some of their doggos.

It's already paying off.

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

Some of the animals are already marked as adopted, even though the pics went online barely a day earlier. Happy trails, Sam. May your new owner never feel the need to storm Area 51.

It isn't just dogs, either.

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

It isn't just dogs who need homes, but cats too. And because these kittens are cuter than dogs (don't @ me), they've been finding homes too thanks to the Area 51 campaign.

You want him?

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

I ask this facetiously, because I also want him...but neither of us can have this adorable tabby kitten, because OKC Animal Welfare has already marked him as "adopted".

This is a good thing.

Facebook | OKC Animal Welfare

Area 51 may have some intriguing secrets, but it's just not worth getting shot by a security guard to find them out. Dogs don't have many secrets, but they're unlikely to shoot you.

Animals over aliens.

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The whole Area 51 raid is pretty much just a joke, and it's unlikely that many people will show up. All the same, if conspiracy theorists can be persuaded to adopt pets instead, we all win. h/t: OKC Animal Welfare

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