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Australia Wants Pedestrians To Be Fined $200 For Texting And Walking Across Roads

We know that texting and driving is very bad and there are actually distracted driving penalties in many states for those who are caught doing it.

But what about being distracted by texting and walking? Don't lie, you've either almost bumped into a pole texting while walking or you have done so.

Well, Australia wants to fine pedestrians who are distracted walkers.

The Pedestrian Council of Australia wants pedestrians who are distracted by texting while crossing roads to be fined.

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A representative for the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, told 9 News that the organization would like offenders to be fined $200 AUD.

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The worry is that pedestrians who are looking down at their phones and texting might be struck by a vehicle if they don't look up in time.

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"It would be entitled 'cross road while distracted'," Scruby said of the fine.

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The council wants this fine to be cross-national and allow police to have immediate fining powers.

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But people are mixed.

One individual interviewed feels that pedestrian crossings are for, well, pedestrians to do what they please, while another individuals sees that drivers and pedestrians hold equal responsibility when it comes to being alert on the road.

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There are already pedestrian laws in place in Australia, such as failing to obey traffic lights, crossing within 20m of pedestrian crossing, and failing to give way, which each carry an $81 fine.

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As of now, police are not going to pursue distracted pedestrians.

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