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7+ Wild Makeup Hacks That Leave Geniuses Speechless

There are always instructions that tell us how we should do things or other ways that we are "supposed" to do them. But those methods aren't always the best way to do it.

Sometimes unconventional methods are the best methods, and this is especially true in the beauty industry.

1. Fan Brushes

Reddit | quidditchqueen

There are so many makeup brushes that we should make staples in our makeup collection, but they can really cost an arm and a leg.

A fan brush is great for perfectly applying highlight or adding precision to your contour, and you can actually pick them up at the craft store on the cheap.

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2. Beauty Sponge Holder

Reddit | hkyogi

Talk about an unconventional method! This egg holder perfectly holds another egg-shaped item: a beauty sponge.

I never know where to properly store these, so this is a great and fun idea!

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3. Make Your Beauty Sponge Travel-Friendly

Instagram | @brieisabelcarter

That dinosaur beauty sponge holder is pretty cute, but what about when you need to travel?

Turns out, those empty plastic eggs around Easter are the perfect fit for a beauty sponge to take with you wherever you need it!

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4. Makeup Brush Cleaner

Reddit | skittyxwailord

Instead of spending money on one of those silicon makeup brush cleaning mats, you can use the side of a hot water bottle. It has similar grooves as the cleaning mat does and gets the job done just as well.

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5. Easy Travel Storage

Reddit | Hsintoot

Instead of lugging massive bottles of cream or even foundation and concealer, simply squeeze a bit into contact lens cases for easy travel and light storage.

This is TSA-friendly for carry-on baggage and frees up more space in your luggage for souvenirs!

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6. Lower Lash Mascara Trick

Instagram | @xo_xoov

Without fail, I end up with an accidental black under-eye after applying mascara to my bottom lashes.

If you're like me, grab a plastic spoon and place under your lower lash line while applying mascara to avoid any mascara mishaps.

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7. Protect Your Elbows

Instagram | @echo.scrunchieco

Wearing a hair scrunchie on each wrist helps prevent water from dripping down your arm while you wash your makeup off.

I know I often end up with a full puddle at my feet, so I definitely will be trying this!

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8. DIY Foundation

Instagram | @katebosworth

Kate Bosworth recently did what all of our worst nightmares are made of — she forgot her entire makeup bag at home!

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However, she had a pretty quick solution that had us smacking our foreheads with disbelief.

Instagram | @katebosworth

She always keeps some basics in her handbag, so, in an Instagram video, she showed us how she mixes concealer with moisturizer to create a light foundation.


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9. Lipstick Blush

Instagram | @kathudjohn

Blush doesn't have to be powdery. In fact, there are many cream-based blushes on the market.

But if you can't find a blush color you like or if you've forgotten to pack one, simply dab some lipstick lightly on your cheeks. No one will ever tell the difference!

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10. Makeshift Makeup Wand

Instagram | @katebosworth

Kate shows us that when there's a will, there's a way.

She wanted to make her eyebrows look fuller, but didn't have her eyebrow pencil and brush wand.

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With a clean, unused toothbrush, she used a tiny amount of Aquaphor ointment to brush into her brows and keep them fluffy and full all day.


This hack sure saves some pretty pennies, too!

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11. Makeup Remover Pen

Pinterest | Cherie Hood

Redditor Atomic_Leda created an easy method to clean up minor makeup mistakes.

She purchased a refillable marker from Amazon and filled it with her favorite non-oil based makeup remover.


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12. Save Your Silica Gel Packets

Instagram | @4_leven

Redditor AerinHawk reuses those packets that come in shoes and medications to keep her makeup storage dry and mold-free while stored in the bathroom.

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13. Turn Your Eyeliner Upside Down

Giphy | Maybelline

You might notice that your liquid liner dries out even before the three-month window is up to switch products.

Try storing it upside down instead — that way, the ink will keep the felt or brush tip moist.

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14. Save Every Last Drop

Reddit | tryshapepper

The pumps included in liquid foundation and primer never reach the bottom, so you're always left with product that could go unused.

Create your own spatula with a straw so you don't waste any precious makeup and you really get your money's worth!

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15. Never Lose Your Lip Balm Again

Reddit | strsha01

Do you lose your lip balm often?

If you purchase tube lip balm that tapers at the end, you can poke a small hole in the end to loop onto your key ring.

Just make sure you don't lose your keys!

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16. Save Your Sticks

Reddit | vanzsetfree

If your stick foundation, concealer, or any other makeup product looks like this, there is a solution to saving the leftover product.

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Get a small plastic container and de-pot the product into the container.

Cristina Pilo

You may have to use a small beauty spatula or your fingers to use it again, but hey, at least you're not wasting product!

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17. Dry Mascara

Instagram | @revolutionarybeauty

I know the rule is to replace makeup every three months or something like that, but I find my mascara dries out way before the 90 days is up.

Adding saline eye drops to your mascara can help get things moving again for smooth application.

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18. Drying Makeup Brushes

Reddit | prettyvulgar17

I never know where to put my sopping wet makeup brushes after I wash them, but this genius hack solves all my problems.

Gail Sherman is the genius behind this pool noodle hack. She cut slits in the foam and easily stuck her makeup brushes in them upside down for optimal even drying.

Get this girl a patent!

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19. Create A Custom Nail Polish Color Out Of Eyeshadow

Chic Dabbling

Can't find the nail polish color you like? No problem!

Simply mix your favorite eyeshadow color with clear nail polish, and you have your own unique shade!

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20. No Fan Brush? No Problem.

Reddit | gracerrl

This Reddit user simply used a bobby pin to make one of their face brushes lay flat.

You can't make this stuff up!

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21. Go For The Underdog

Instagram | @nature_cat_1212

While it's not necessarily a hack, it's a product many of us probably steer clear of because of the brand (no offense to Pond's).

However, Redditor Absinthe42 swears by this product.

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This Instagrammer also shows how amazingly it takes off heavy Halloween makeup!

Instagram | @nature_cat_1212

It might be time to give this product a try!

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22. A Lip Brush For Tight Lining Lids

Instagram | @makeuptogo101

Redditor usagicanada uses a coarse lip brush and black shadow to really get in between lashes and ensure there are no gaps of the lid showing in between lashes.

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23. No More Messy Lipstick


Liquid lipstick is awesome. Not only are there so many great colors, but it has great staying power and is less messy throughout the day.

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However, it's sure messy to apply!


Placing a cotton swab horizontally between your lips helps keep the area around your pout lipstick-free!

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I didn't know I needed these makeup hacks, but I'm thankful I stumbled upon them!

Giphy | essence

My beauty game is changed forever.

Let us know if you would give any of these hacks a try!

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