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10+ Hilarious Things All Dads Do But We Can't Figure Out Why

With all the unsolved mysteries out there (Like are we really alone in the universe or what comes first the chicken or the egg?), we can also add all the weird things that our dads do.

If you have a dad, you're probably nodding your head in agreement.

Most of us can definitely relate to the following examples below. Read and weep.

1. Grunt

Twitter | @keifermccaw

I think they're probably just announcing their presence or want to get credit for bending down to sit down on the couch so they can sleep in peace.

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2. Dad's Peanut/M&M's Delivery System

Twitter | @RyanMalicsi

So apparently it’s to loosen up the snacks from the palm to more effectively deliver them into the mouth. That makes sense to me now.

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3. Writing In All Caps

Twitter | @spicy_emma

The only way I can explain this behavior is that they really want to get their point across even if it means they're shouting.

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4. Holster Up That Cell Phone

Twitter | @StumpedMom

Ha, ha, ha, this totally sounds like my dad. He's always walking around with his cellphone up in a holster like he's the boss.

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5. Practical Gifts

Twitter | @abbiemason02

It's either a weird gift or they say, "don't get me anything". But in their defense, they just want what's practical. That's all. They're simple.

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6. Why Are They Always Trying To One-Up Each Other?

Twitter | @XplodingUnicorn

Because it's just the way it is and we gotta get used to it. It gives them something to do.

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7. Ahchoo!

Twitter | @x_sxls

This is what my dad does every time we come to visit. And when my mom is on the phone with me, too. They just want attention.

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8. Do You Want Milk With That?

Twitter | @christinaogurek

That one is a mystery to me and since I don't like milk at all, it will remain a mystery forever. Next!

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9. Text Challenged

Twitter | @HuzaifahValli

Some dads seem to be just a little technology challenged and texting is the one thing that they seem to have the most trouble with.

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10. I'm Not Sleeping

Twitter | @MVPJunkie

If I had a dollar for every time my dad said that I would have some pretty coin by now. Why do they do that?

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11. Forever Young

Twitter | @fre5havo

I think this one is quite easy. They just want to stay young at heart. We can't exactly blame them. It's all in your outlook after all.

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12. Rev It Up

Reddit | sixgun79

This cordless drill manual is right: dads always squeeze the trigger twice before actually using the drill. It's like a ritual.

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13. Have Dad; Can Confirm

Twitter | @simoncholland

I'm an early riser and yet I would still get shamed for only getting out of bed at 8 instead of 6:30 like he did.

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14: The Dad Tax

Reddit | xToxicInferno

It doesn't matter what the snack is. The moment you open it, Dad's hand appears behind the seat like magic.

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15. Every. Single. Time.

Twitter | @JimboSlice492

I'm short, so I get that the seat has to be moved for him to even get in, but why mess with my mirrors? And why is the radio station changed?

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16. They All Do This

Twitter | @samdeverell

I guess it's better than the "What?" I've started to get now that I've moved out and caller ID is ubiquitous. If he wants me to feel guilty for requesting help with my yard work... then it works.

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17. The Key Word Is "Free"

Twitter | @sydneyrachel

My favorite part is when they make a show of offering mints to everyone in the family, as though that will hide the fact that he's palmed a new one every time someone said no.

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18. If You See Spots, It's A Good Light

Twitter | @mikapoppin

See also: hoses. If a dad is using a garden hose for any reason, you best stay clear. They're contractually obligated to point it in their children's direction.

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19. Energy Savings

Reddit | @begsyverse

Are you still using the room they're leaving? Whatever, they'll turn the lights off anyway and often just laugh if you insist they turn them back on.

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20. Standing To Watch The News

Twitter | @MVPJunkie

Yeah, like why do they do that? Maybe standing up to watch the news makes them pay better attention to what's happening?

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21. Things Are Getting Serious

Twitter | @Fama_Elimane

It's like they think they'll hear you better without their glasses on. Though I usually find this happens when they just want you to repeat something they disapproved of.

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22. It Has Cooties

Twitter | @ComicWisdom

It's definitely the most awkward way they could choose to hold the backpack. See also: the "not my purse" pose when forced to hold one for their partner.

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23. Instant Sleep


Ha, ha, the couch must be somehow triggering their body's internal sleep clock because this literally happens all the time. I can't sleep like that. Can you?

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Well, I think it's pretty evident that dads will be dads no matter what we say.

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So let's just help them enjoy life and keep providing us with amusement.

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