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Showers Somehow Got Even Better With This Speaker-Equipped Beer Holder

Like many people, getting up in the morning isn't usually my favorite thing to do. The time when we realize we have to get to work is usually when our bed feels its comfiest and it always feels like there's room for more sleep.

But of course, we've got places to be, so we get in the shower and get the day started. And with the age of Bluetooth speakers and phones that can do pretty much everything, a lot of folks have long moved past the point where the have to make their shower music themselves.

But even folks who are that ahead of the game might not have been prepared for one drink holder that seems to do it all.

Folks who really take their showers seriously may have gone that extra mile and had a drink holder installed.

Urban Outfitters

For a lot of folks, nothing beats having a beer in the shower while relaxing to whatever their phone happens to be playing at the time.

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But right now, Urban Outfitters is selling a handy gadget that can do both at the same time.

Urban Outfitters

After all, why lean out to change the song when something really sad comes on and makes those morning blues worse when you don't have to?

And even though this thing does more than free your drinking hand, its eight-and-a-half inch width should be enough to comfortably fit your drink of choice.

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As for the music part of the equation, this holder works its magic through a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

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So your playlist of choice should be ready to go and this time, you'll be able to hear it as clearly as ever.

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Not only that, but the speaker has a 30-foot range for picking up your phone's signal.

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So not only do you no longer need to worry about it getting wet, but you don't even need to keep it in the same room.

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And speaking of getting wet, the Bluetooth beer holder is water-resistant.

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Which, yes, seems like a given for something that goes in the shower, but it's still good to know that you won't see sparks like this while it's working.

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Its battery will also keep on running for about four hours.

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That should definitely be enough to cover even laziest shower experiences. Honestly, the whole household will be probably be fine in that time.

And when it does run out, you can recharge it via micro-USB.

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Amusingly, it also comes equipped with a microphone for "speakerphone function."


I suppose that means you can treat your friends to an impromptu shower karaoke session if you want?

h/t: Urban Outfitters

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