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11+ People Who Should Have Thought Twice Before Shopping Online

Ever since online shopping went mainstream it's become our favorite way to shop for stuff. I mean, what beats not leaving your house and shopping in your pajamas? Ha ha ha, not much if you ask me.

But buying stuff online does come with some unforeseen risks. You can't see, touch or try on the actual product you're buying, so this is definitely a case of buyers beware.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

Don't you just love buying clothes that say one size fits all? How does that ever work out in real life anyway?

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2. When Size Does Matter

Imagine ordering a flower pot only to realize it's the same size as your medicine bottle? What are you supposed to plant in this thing?

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3. Gone To The Dogs

How cute are those doggy outfits people dress their pups in? Somehow I don't think your dog will really appreciate this #ShoppingFail! Oh, poor pooch.

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4. When Bath Bombs Bomb

Ewwwww, they do look like leeches. That's definitely a fail.

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5. It's All In The Fine Print

I don't totally blame this guy for not reading the fine print. Who's got time for that? What are the chances of this?

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6. Model Perfect

Did this item simply get switched up in transit or what? I don't see how this is even remotely similar. It's not even the same style.

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7. Santa's Got Your Back

Reddit | popesmokesdopee

I understand going all overboard with Christmas decorations but somehow I don't think the size of this Santa is what they had in mind.

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8. Summer Ready

Just when you thought you were getting the cutest necktie shift dress, perfect for those sunny days, you end up with this fiasco. Just lovely.

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9. When Your Dog's Not Impressed

How sweet of this doggy's owner to want to surprise their pup with a new ball to play with. Only it's a little, okay, a lot, bigger than expected.

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10. The Lil' One

Wow, who knew they would take the name of this can literally? Who is this can supposed to feed exactly? I'm hungry just looking at it.

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11. The Ugliest Thing You've Ever Seen

You can't argue with that. I think someone really missed the mark here. This would surely make Meghan and Harry cry.

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12. Cute Maternity Suit

So this seemingly cute maternity swimming suit was supposed to cover all your bases but in reality, it's much more revealing than you thought. Yikes!

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13. Extensions Nightmare

I dunno what she was thinking ordering this fake fringe hair off of eBay when it's clear their color matching is not up to par. Lesson learned.

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14. Gel For Pens

It's not that eBay shops are rarely legitimate, it's just that their descriptions can often leave out important information regarding the item at hand.

This customer did technically receive 50 gel pens.

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15. Face Mask Fail

Instagram | @seoulkittenglow

Sheet face masks are all the rage these days. Maybe adults aren't the only ones who enjoy face masks?

This one looks like it could fit a newborn child, or a cat.

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16. eBay Does Not Have The Hookups

No wonder it was so cheap!

It's probably just easier to go to your local homeware store.

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17. This Doll Might Haunt Your Dreams

As if the original picture of the doll isn't frightening enough.

But wow, the attention to detail! The doll that arrived even came with a little tooth.

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18. Same-Same, But Different

Reddit | Chsrmsy

Both of these UFO patches really work.

I wouldn't be too upset if I got the patch on the right. It would be a pleasant surprise!

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19. A Top Fit For My Cat

Reddit | beroemd

You can take your measurements all you want to ensure you're going to receive the correct size, but it doesn't seem to matter in this case.

This cat is ready for festival season, that's for sure!

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20. Not Cozy

Reddit | ruserious65433

Whatever it is this person received definitely doesn't look like it could fit three people. let alone one person's leg.

A fresh baby out of the womb could knit something better than this.

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21. Close But No Cigar

Reddit | Tzl1337

The idea was there. The execution on the other hand, a giant F-.

At least now this person has a new pair of epic rainboots?

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22. Brands Are Overrated, Anyways


This person ordered a Champion brand sweatshirt , only to receive a Hanes sweatshirt with a glued-on Champion logo.

What a major disappointment!

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This is exactly why I'm overly cautious when I shop for stuff online.


Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I still prefer to touch, feel and try things on. And you?

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