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This Artist Makes Tattoos That Look Just Like Embroidered Patches

I recently wrote about a cool tattoo trend that's been popping up all over the place and that's embroidery tattoos. They're so awesome to look at and definitely out of the ordinary.

One Brazilian tattoo artist has been making waves with his embroidery tattoos because of his unique spin on it. His signature is to leave "broken" strings and other imperfections. Let's check out Eduardo "Duda" Lozano's awesome creations.

1. Pink Panther Lover

OMG my inner child is totally freaking out at this wicked Pink Panther embroidery tattoo. The vibrant color makes it literally jump out of the skin.

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2. Pop Of Pink

Here's another cool pink creation of Courage The Cowardly Dog. I guess this technique is really great when you tattoo cartoon characters because it really makes them come to life.

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3. Get Inspired

The inspiration for Duda's embroidery tattoos came from him having worked with logos and embroidered T-shirts and then the idea really took off. That's so cool.

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4. Details Count

I think it's just amazing how detailed these embroidery tattoos look. I mean you can see all the work that goes into a special technique like this.

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5. Make It Your Own

Duda wanted to stand out from the other tattoo artists and make the art form his own. So he created his own signature style.

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6. Abundance Of Material

There seems to be quite an abundance of material in the characters that work really well with this type of tattoo style we get to admire.

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7. Mixing Techniques

I especially like when Duda mixes the tattoo techniques and incorporates the embroidery style into a regular tattoo as we see here. They work well together.

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8. Working Well Together

And here's another awesome example of mixing the two tattoo techniques flawlessly. This tattoo is both fun and equally unique. This looks so amazing.

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9. No Secrets

Duda claims there are no secrets when it comes to perfecting this tattooing technique. You just need to really understand light and shadows for this to work.

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10. Mandala Lover

So why settle for just an ordinary mandala tattoo when you can have this amazing artist create such a stunning embroidery version? I absolutely love this.

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11. World Renowned

Duda's tattoos are becoming so popular he's quite world renowned. He's been invited to tattoo conventions all over Europe in France, Germany, Italy and also South America.

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12. Have Fun With It

It's apparent to me that this tattoo artist really enjoys his art because every design I see is bursting with character and vibrant color.

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13. Crowd-Pleaser

No matter what the design these embroidery tattoos are always so creative. When you get a tattoo like this I guarantee you'll stand out of the crowd.

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Just when I thought I couldn't get more obsessed with tattoos...

Giphy along comes this amazing artist. If only I could travel to Brazil to get inked by him!!!

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