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20+ Unique DIY Wedding Dresses That People Actually Made Themselves

I have to be honest that DIY projects are not my strongest suit. But I'm always looking for ways to learn how to make stuff myself a little better.

One of those instances is my wedding. It can get really expensive when it comes to a wedding.

One big expense is definitely the wedding dress. So wouldn't it be fantastic if you could make your own? These ladies did just that and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

1. Ruffle Me Pretty

A Beautiful Mess

How amazing is this really unique and pretty ruffled dress? I mean, I can't believe this was homemade. It's giving me all the good feels.

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2. A Vintage Affair

Trash To Couture

Speaking of pretty ruffles, this is a different take on it. This vintage-inspired dress is actually made out of curtains. What a way to upcycle!

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3. Have Fun With It

Corrina Corrina

And if you're as talented as this bride you can make your dress completely from scratch. Come again? Wow, that's so impressive and pretty.

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4. Crochet It

Ravelry | Stephanie Klose

Speaking of dresses made from scratch, if crocheting is your thing then this dress inspiration is for you. Made entirely from scratch and so unique.

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5. Lace Lover

See Kate Sew

Lace is the perfect fabric for a wedding dress. So how stunning is this lace number? And it can totally be worn again for a different occasion.

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6. Fairy Tale Wedding

A Designer Life

For many brides, their wedding is like a fairy tale. So imagine creating a perfect dress to feel like a princess on your wedding day.

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7. A Special Touch


Here's another special dress that was definitely made with love. It's even more interesting since it was made out of vintage doilies. How sweet is that?

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8. A Love Affair

Gia Canali

And here's another dress with a similar idea of using doilies. This one has a gorgeous pop of green underneath which makes it so earthy.

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9. Pop Of Color


Speaking of pops of color, here's a unique way of making a dress all your own. How fun is it to show a little surprise underneath?

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10. Laser-Cut

Instructables | Jess17a

If you're feeling really crafty, this idea is just perfect for you. How about going for a laser-cut style dress that will definitely wow the crowd.

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11. It's All In The Details

Instagram | @Cory_U

If you don't have time to crochet the entire dress you can still make it stand out with pretty little details like crocheted flowers.

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12. Made With Love

Instagram | @addiemariehh

I can't believe this dress isn't store-bought. You could've fooled me for sure. So much talent went into this dress I still can't get over it.

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13. Halter Top

Instagram | @madeatmine

There are so many different styles of wedding dresses but the halter top is one of my favorites. It looks so chic and perfect for summer.

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14. Overlay It

Instagram | @the_german_edge

Here's a neat idea you can use. Change up the look of your dress by adding a lace, crochet or embroidered overlay on top of it.

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15. Non-White Wedding Dress

Instagram | @onebizarreme_cosplay

Who says your wedding dress has to be completely white? Why not go for a subtle color such as this pretty purple to really stand out.

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16. Lace Bodice

Instagram | @yellowguinea

There are unique ways to incorporate lace into your wedding dress. I'm really loving this homemade lace bodice that looks so sweet and really pretty.

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17. Back Details

Instagram | @ash_photography_nz

Here's another dress that's totally blowing me away. The back detail and those ruffles are giving me a serious case of wedding dress envy here.

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18. A Space Oddysey

Instagram | @aklu.mode

This Bristol-based amateur dressmaker definitely knows how to have fun. Not only did she made her own dress but totally had a blast with this photoshoot.

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19. A Hard Day's Work

California Wedding Day

Who says you don't have time to make your own wedding dress? This pretty lady crocheted hers on her daily bus commute. What? Amazing!

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20. A Stand-Out


Again, not every wedding dress has to be white. This gorgeous gown is giving me all the vintage vibes in such a stunning and colorful way.

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21. Ombré Dress

The Dreamstress

The ombré look is everywhere. So it's no surprise that it's being used to treat a wedding dress in such a unique way. This is so bold.

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22. No Pain No Gain

Instructables | Sandra van de Looij - Kleinendorst

So if you wondering what goes into making a dress from scratch now you know. It's painstakingly hard but so worth it in the end.

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All these DIY dresses are so beautiful.


It's hard to believe they were homemade. I wish I had such mad sewing skills because I really want a truly unique dress.

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