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19 Wedding Proposals That May Just Be Better Than Yours

Getting married is usually a big deal for most people. And the idea of getting proposed to is a dream come true for many. But nowadays the proposal gets just as much attention as the actual wedding day.

Some people really go out of their way to ask that special person to marry them. So let's check out some of these elaborate, creative, and unique ways people have popped the question.

1. Pride And Prejudice


Talk about a groom that really knows his wife-to-be. He planned a whole Pride And Prejudice-themed proposal right down to the clothes they were wearing.

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2. Times Square

Instagram | @ryanserhant

I dunno how this happens, but apparently, this guy cleared out Times Square so he could propose to his girlfriend in peace. Wow, that's impressive.

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3. Swept Away

Imgur | omgunc

I'm not sure this is a really great idea for a proposal or a really risky one. But somehow, she said "yes" and they had a blast.

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4. "Up" Proposal


For those crazy and devoted "Up" fans, you'll totally get this reference but for the rest of us, this still looks super cute and really clever.

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5. Kinder Surprise

Two Plus Us

I remember being obsessed with Kinder Surprise as a kid, but apparently, some girls still dig these chocolates. Wow, this guy really went all out for this.

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6. White House

Imgur | bubbatap22

Even the White House didn't intimidate this brave soul who proposed to this beloved. And they ended up making history as the first same-sex couple engaged there.

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7. Beach Masterpiece

Imgur | sfwhatup

This is artistry at its best, isn't it? I mean who would go through all this trouble to propose to their sweetheart. This guy did! Amazing.

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8. Scuba Proposal

Reddit | EliP

Looking at this proposal picture makes me so nervous. I mean, what if he dropped the ring? OMG, that would have been a total disaster.

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9. Bookworm

Reddit | jenkie1205

I'm not one to condone destroying books in this fashion but I guess this can be forgiven because it's for a really sweet reason. What a keepsake.

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10. Waterfall Proposal

Reddit | JamesGeezy

I guess if you're going to go all out for a memorable proposal why not find the most beautiful and scenic place in Ireland to do it.

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11. Tom Hanks Proposal

Twitter | @texasbookfest

I guess this guy thought a little help might not be a bad idea. I mean who says "no" when Tom Hanks is hanging around.

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12. Two Times A Charm

Twitter | @christinkoch2

Okay, so sometimes there's a perfect reason to ask your wife to marry you all over again. Going through cancer and kicking butt sounds like a good reason to me.

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13. "Friends" Proposal

Digital Spy

When you know your girlfriend is a die-hard Friends fan, you'll do anything to make your proposal that much more special. This is super cute.

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14. Picture Perfect

Reddit | eugenius310

This is what happens when you just can't hide your happiness any longer. So you make sure it gets captured and memorized forever at Disneyland.

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15. Heart Shadow

Reddit | Orion_91

At first glance, this seems like just an ordinary proposal. But then you see the cute heart shadow that formed just as he proposes. Ahhh!

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16. Riddle Proposal

Reddit | Gracevelynwho

These two are definitely one of a kind when they surprise each other with a proposal which I still don't quite understand. Clearly works for them!

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17. Game Night

Instagram | @torimonaco

So you thought you were just hanging out with your Boo and your buds for a game night only to end up getting proposed to. Nice one!

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18. Photobombed

Instagram | @hayley_roll

If a hippopotamus won't make your proposal go viral, I dunno what will. Her name is Fiona and I hope she's invited to the wedding. So cute and sweet!

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19. Hang In There

Reddit | krysxvi

How is this for a sweet story. He hung up a picture of the proposal at the MET and she said "yes" wearing the same dress as the woman in the picture.

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My heart is a flutter with all these sweet and romantic proposal ideas.

Giphy | cintascotch

I mean for a hopeless romantic like me this is making my day. Yay for love!

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