Bettie Oliveri

13+ Times Clothing Did Us Dirty

Fashion can be subjective, right? I mean what one person finds attractive, another may not. But then there are those times when we bought clothes that we thought were going to be awesome only to end up crying in despair.

Check out these pitiful examples of when clothes did us wrong.

1. When You Just Can't Understand

Reddit | waskonator

What in the world is this? What am I looking at? I know most of the stuff is made in China but come on!

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2. When Your Eyes Pop Out Of Your Sockets

Reddit | fine_drizzle

That's the only logical reaction to this Minion-kini disaster. Who in their right mind would wear this? This is not okay!

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3. When Denim Strikes Back

Reddit | chrzzl

Denim fashion has really changed over the years. Hasn't it? But in the good ol' days, you at least got what you paid for.

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4. When Your Shirt Is Sending You A Subliminal Message

Reddit | zapsquad

They really do work you know! So don't be surprised if you start worrying completely out of the blue. LOL!

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5. When Your Shirt Sends The Wrong Message

Reddit | cosmictrousers

So you're totally happy-go-lucky and want to celebrate that awesome Saturday, but your shirt is having a turd kind of day.

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6. When You're Twinning With Strangers

Reddit | utbman

Don't you just hate when that happens? But you've only got yourself to blame for buying the most typical shirt there is. Busted!

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7. When You Suffer For Your Fashion

Instagram | @chikinnagit

So you got suckered into those ripped jeans only to end up with this lovely surprise. You didn't think this through, did you?

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8. When You Color Coordinate With Strangers

Reddit | aslokaa

How random is this? Or is it? Maybe it's the universe telling you nothing is random. It's all been pre-planned. How creepy!

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9. When You Send Dad To The Mall

Instagram | @kalesalad

Serves you right. Think twice before you send dad to the mall to shop while you play hooky.

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10. When You Can't Stop Wearing Crocks

Instagram | @kalesalad

Some people take their love of Crocs to the next level. But you should draw the line when it comes to winter wear.

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11. An Anatomy Lesson

Reddit | rataktaktaruken

I get the feeling she forgot to try this dress on before buying it. Either that or she's a comedian in training. I can't unsee this dress!

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12. When You Need To Learn About The Birds And The Bees


Talk about taking things to the X-rated level. Or was someone in China feeling extremely randy?

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13. When You Become An Instant Racist

Reddit | thegoatiedoodie

Oh no, you didn't! Whoever thought this zip-up hoodie was a good idea should get their head examined. That or get fired immediately!

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14. When Disney Is So Confusing

Reddit | weirdBatt

So I always thought that Minnie was a girl and Mickey was a boy or maybe I had it wrong all along.

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15. When You Fail To Look Sexy

Reddit | Rainbowscratch99

Oh dear, this looked iffy to me from the get-go but it ended up some much worse than I could have imagined.

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16. When Your Clothes Have An Unintended Slimming Effect

Instagram | @will_ent

Legs for days? Somehow I don't think he really cared for that kind of slimming effect. Or did he?

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17. When You Confuse The Heck Out Of Everyone


Does anyone know that this shirt means? I mean bowhunting and Jesus in one sentence has me scratchin' my head.

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18. When Accidents Do Happen

Reddit | butterknot

Oh this poor, poor soul. Somehow I think she only checked herself in the mirror in the front and just forgot to double-check the back.

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19. When Your Expectations And Reality Don't Quite Match Up

Hey, at least this gal is making the best of her situation! Amirite?

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20. When Your Shirt Is Lying

Reddit | Tikiho1

If I believe this awesome sweatshirt then shouldn't it actually be a tank top instead? Just don't buy shirts with a conflicting message, ok?

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21. When Things Just Don't Line Up

Bettie Oliveri

Somehow I don't think anyone had a human centipede in mind when they went for this seemingly cute but awkward Betty Boop top.

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22. When You Get What You Paid For

Reddit | wickedfantasy

If it sounds like it's too good to be true it always is. If it's just too cheap, don't buy it.

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23. When You Get What You Paid For Part Two

Reddit | silverstatus

Again if it's too good of a deal it usually is. I mean there's a freakin' Shutterstock logo on here.

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24. When Shopping Online Backfires

Reddit | Psilan

I've said it before but I'll say it again, don't buy clothes online especially from a non-reputable retailer or you'll end up with this.

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