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People Are Showing Their Love For Crafts With Embroidery Tattoos

I'm such a huge fan of tattoos. I even have two of my own. There are so many awesome designs out there it's really hard to decide on the one that's right for you.

So when I recently stumbled upon this amazing tattoo idea I was shocked. People are getting tattoos that look just like embroidery. What? How is this even possible? You must take a look at these.

1. Sewn With Love

I can't get over the stunning details on this tattoo. And I absolutely love this feminine color palette as well. This is so pretty.

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2. Kitty Love

My inner child is getting giddy when I see this. I loved Garfield so much growing up. This tattoo makes me want to be a kid again.

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3. Embroidered Heart

I had to do a double-take for this one because I thought I was looking at someone's project on their embroidery hoop. Amazing design!

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4. Baker's Delight

And for those bakers out there who take pleasure in their culinary art, check out this mixer tattoo that really pops. Loving the blue and yellow color combo.

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5. Rock 'n' Roll, Baby

I'm in awe of this rockin' Rolling Stones-inspired tattoo in the first place. But as embroidery, it looks even better. I want one so bad!

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6. Film Lover

Film buffs can be so hardcore, amirite? So check out this wicked Pulp Fiction tribute tattoo that's out of this world. This is super cool, isn't it?

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7. Flutter Away

Butterfly tattoos are very popular. It's hard to stand out with this design. But you will surely do so when you opt to have it done in an embroidery style.

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8. Blue Flower

This half-sleeve done in a striking shade of blue is simply beautiful. I love how these designs combine the artistry of embroidery with tattooing.

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9. Fido Lover

People love getting tattoos that are related to their pets, so how about this super cute paws tattoo that looks so real? This is so fun!

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10. Iron Man

Speaking of film buffs, how about this awesome Iron Man rendition? Why settle for an ordinary tattoo when you can get something this fun and unique.

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11. Colorful Quilt

These bright and colorful pieces look like something off of a quilt and I love them! Beautiful designs and artistry.

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12. Take A Flight

Reddit | GallowBoob

Just look at the stunning details on this embroidery-inspired tattoo. Are you as blown away by this as I am? This is simply incredible.

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13. A Family Tradition

Get a load of this awesome tattoo idea. This mother-daughter duo got the traditional Oaxaca pattern tattooed on both of their backs. What a bonding experience.

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Just when I thought I couldn't get more obsessed with tattoos I find these.


Wheels are already spinning in my head thinking of possibly adding another tattoo to my collection.

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