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11+ Instagram Fails No Filter Could Fix

We all want to put our best foot forward and sometimes a little Photoshop never hurt anybody. But it's an entirely different story when you take things to the extreme level.

Check out the below examples of people who got a little bit Photoshop trigger-happy and the results are, let's just say less than appealing.

This is an important reminder to not compare yourself to the images on Instagram because most of them are fake!

1. When The Windows Spoil Your Fun

Reddit | badeditingthrowaway

This girl clearly got busted making us think this was her real picture when the warped windows spill the beans here.

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2. When Your Kid Looks Like A Porcelain Doll

Reddit | lieralolita

Why, why do people Photoshop their baby's pictures? I just can't understand. Babies are perfect just the way they are!!!

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3. When Facetune Becomes Your Best Friend

Reddit | Zaza9000

Forget your real friends when you've got Facetune to the rescue. And don't forget those fake abs while you're at it.

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4. When Your Face Becomes Flawless

Reddit | SupaJJ

I love a good filter from time to time but it's when your face becomes almost unrecognizable that's the real problem. Filter overload?

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5. When Tagging Is Not Your Friend

Reddit | seanceknowles

This is what happens when your dear friends tag you in their photo before you tell them not too. Facetune bust.

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6. When You Really Want That Curvy Bod

Reddit | skeled0ll

This is what happens when Kim Kardashian is your idol and you must get that curvy bod no matter what it takes. There's no way this photo wasn't edited.

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7. When You End Up Looking Like A Video Game Character

Reddit | icedeagle

Is this the look she was going for when she decided to apply a little Facetune to her face?

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8. When You Get Busted Via YouTube

Reddit | u/kalesausage

I don't know why anyone with an already gorgeous figure would stupe to this, but apparently, it's not good enough for some.

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9. When You Seem To Get Younger

Reddit | charlieslacks

I can understand having a hard time accepting aging but making yourself look visibly younger is not going to fool anybody.

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10. When You're Inconsistent On All Your Social Media

Reddit | /jussb

Here's another poor attempt of fooling us to think you look a certain way on Instagram versus the reality on YouTube.

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11. When You Try To Defy Gravity

Reddit | sapphirehearts

Here's one way to show off those long legs, just make sure the rest of your body matches up as well.

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12. When You Need To Get To 10K

Reddit | Mildly_maria

Perhaps this is some people's way to get to 10K on Instagram or maybe it's just pity likes. I don't get it.

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13. Busted

Reddit | u/I_Nickd_it

Oh boy, this lady got caught trying to fool her Instagram audience posting a pic looking much slender than she was seen attending her recent court date.

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14. Like A Model

Reddit | rschwa

It's a shame that this boy dropped out of school to model and fills his Insta with edits like this.

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15. Pure BS

Reddit | midnightonight

Her Instagram bio says "genetically gifted" but from what I'm looking at it's more like genetically modified via Facetune. Yeah, we're not buying that line anytime soon.

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16. Suck It In

Reddit | midnightonight

OMG, what is this? The only actual resemblance here is his puffy lips. And apparently, he also got abdominal implants. I don't understand this.

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17. Get A Leg Up

Reddit | gdcurl

Talk about getting a leg up here, but not the real kind. Because there's not much real stuff with this Photoshop mishap. Haha!

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18. The Paparazzi Photos Don't Lie

Reddit | midnightonight

If you're an Instagram influencer, keep a watch out for the paparazzi. Sadly, their photos don't include any clever editing.

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19. This Actually Made Me Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Reddit | midnightonight

To be honest, I prefer this real photo on the right. No one looks like the woman on the left in real life!

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20. The Railing Gives Her Away

Reddit | FunkMasterQ

I'm pretty sure that railing isn't curved in real life. Gotcha!

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21. I Almost Want To Warn Her About Those Wavy Walls

Reddit | midnightonight

At first, I thought the airport wasn't structurally sound but then I remembered photoshop exists.

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22. When Your Want To Put Your Best Face Forward

Reddit | TsitikEm

I think I saved the best for last. Do You agree? Instagram model or Photoshop fail? I think the latter.

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I think we all learned a very important lesson here.


There's just no point in trying to be someone you're clearly not so just love and stay true to yourself.

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