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These Smoldering Model Photos Recreated By A Toddler Are Straight-Up Hilarious

Emily McWilliams 20 Mar 2019

It's pretty common these days for parents to post pictures of their kids on Instagram, but I don't know any parents who are using the platform to troll a model's photos.

One mom decided to begin recreating her brother's professional model pictures with her toddler. It sounds a little crazy, but the results are so funny.

Take a look for yourself.

Meet Aristotle and Augie.

For the record, Aristotle is on the left and Augie is on the right. Augie's mom (and Aristotle's sister) began this Instagram account when she saw Augie walking around the house with his shirt unbuttoned.

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It gave her the idea to post side-by-side photos of her son imitating Aristotle's poses.

Aristotle is a professional model based in New York who frequently shares his modeling pictures on Instagram.

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Even the family pets get in on these hilarious photos.

What's cuter than a model, some puppies, and a toddler? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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I also make this face when pizza is in front of me.

Augie definitely has his uncle's smile down, that's for sure. These pictures are so cute (and making me crave pizza).

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Striking a pose.

I can feel the smolder from these photos searing a hole right into my soul. Where did they learn how to smile with their eyes like that?

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For Aristotle, this is a pose. For Augie, this is just how toddlers get dressed.

Seriously, have you ever seen a toddler try to get dressed? It's a very complicated process.

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Stopping to smell the flowers.

This recreation is perfect! Maybe a modeling career is in Augie's future, don't you think?

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Aristotle and Augie's Instagram account @babyandthebody has gained nearly 70,000 followers.

I think it's safe to say that people are loving these cute photos (okay and maybe occasionally enjoying pics of Aristotle's abs, too).

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This one's a doozey! Augie recreated his uncle's recreation of a "Mean Girls" poster.

This is pretty darn amazing, for many reasons:

  1. We all love Mean Girls.

  2. We all love cutie babies.


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Slam dunkin'!

Aristotle is clearly hanging from the hoop to flex his abs but little Augie is busy looking else where, probably wondering why on earth he has to do these odd photoshoots.

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We see a future track star.

Augie's form could definitely use some work, but hey! That's what he has an awesome uncle to get him straightened out.

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Okay, quadruplets!

The only thing that could make this instagram account cuter was to include more people, so obviously that's what they did.

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There's nothing quite like a Christmas recreation to spice up the insta feed.

Aren't they the cutest things?

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I can't wait to see more of Augie's photo recreations in the future!

We still need to answer the question of, "Who wore it better?" once and for all. My money is on Augie.

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