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8+ Easy-Peasy Spring Cleaning Hacks

Ah, spring is in the air! Can you just smell it? You can't? I hate to tell you but it may be that your house stinks. Perhaps it's time to do some much-needed spring cleaning.

So to make things easier for you, I've got a few cleaning hacks that will make this daunting task much better.

1. Kool-Aid Cleaning

The scariest place in my house is definitely the toilet. But I just found out that Kool-Aid is a great non-toxic option that will clean it fast.

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2. Newspaper Wipes

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Forget Windex when it comes to cleaning glass windows in your house. For a streak-free job use dry newspapers with an alcohol solution to cut the grease.

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3. Dishwash It

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I talked about using your dishwasher for washing things other than dishes in another article, so throw those dirty cleaning sponges in there and give it a spin.

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4. De-grease It

My oven gets used often, and I can't stand to scrub all the trays that get covered with grease. Using baking soda and vinegar works wonders to them!

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5. Rub it


That rust on your pots and pans can be so ugly. Apparently, rubbing a sliced potato covered with salt will make your pots shiny again.

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6. Mite Away

Thinking of dust mites makes me cringe. So I really need to get out the baking soda and lavender oil to get rid of these pests.

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7. Make It Shiny

So you have shiny stainless steel appliances but now they're looking dull. Just use some olive oil to bring back the shine in no time.

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8. Wipe It


Need a hack to get rid of annoying white rings from your wooden table? A dab of mayo left for 15 minutes will take them away.

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9. Stain Away


Don't you just love it when your guests spill wine all over your beautiful carpet? Just dab it, pour milk over it and let stand for one hour.

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10. Polish It

Reddit | erikag2116

If your kids went wild and spilled nail polish all over your sink, just grab that nail polish remover, let it soak and rub, rub, rub!

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12. Wax It


Stovetops can take a real beating, don't you think? By applying a thin layer of car wax over it, it will prevent stains from sticking to it.

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13. Lemon Fresh

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It's hard to keep those faucets looking clean and shiny. But a good ol' lemon rub will get rid of those ugly hard water stains.

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14. Dissolve It

Baking soda seems to be a miracle cleaning agent. Use it to soak your tarnished looking silverware to dissolve the stains and restore them back to life.

Place your silverware in a container lined with tin foil. Pour boiling water over the pieces and sprinkle in some baking soda. Rinse the silverware under running water and buff it dry to remove any tarnishes.

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So many hacks, so little time before spring arrives later this week.

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Now get off the couch and get into that spring cleaning frame of mind. Time's a-wastin'!

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