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People Are Recreating Their Childhood Photos And It Is Heartwarming

Emily McWilliams 11 Feb 2019

Looking back on childhood photos can stir up a lot of emotions.

Of course, there's the feeling of wonder and asking yourself, "Where did the time go?". Other times, you're just trying to figure out what exactly is going on in those photos.

The people in this article took their reminiscing one step further by recreating those cherished memories decades after the original photo was taken.

Sisters become mothers.

These sisters swapped their dolls for their babies when they recreated this photo. They say there's nothing like the bond between sisters and this photo proves it.

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Still Dad's little guy.

I love that Dad got some more tattoos since the original, and so did his son! I guess getting inked is something that runs in this family.

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Like mother, like daughter.

Can you believe that the baby in the left photo grew up to be the woman on the right? She even dressed her daughter up in the same outfit she wore for the original photo taken 34 years ago.

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Still bros

You know, I can believe that these are the same brothers, even though the photos were taken nearly 20 years apart. They have the same mischevious smiles even after all these years.

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I need to know where he got this outfit.

Everything about this photo made me LOL. The pose, the outfit — I think this is my favorite one on the list.

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Meeting Cinderella... again!

Instagram | @sam.inn

I love that this guy went to the trouble of buying the same outfit and waiting in line to see Cinderella again to recreate this photo after 20 years. It is truly magical.

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A bond between a dad and his daughter after 40 years.

Instagram | @amyatomica

I'm glad to see that Dad is still riding motorcycles after all these years. What a beautiful photo taken by this father-daughter duo.

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I've gotta say it: They nailed the outfits.

I'm not sure where they found adult sizes of the original outfits, but they did a really good job recreating them for this photo. Nicely done, ladies!

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"My mom's wedding picture on the left and on the right, me trying to look as beautiful as her," @alkananda_bodapaty wrote.

Instagram | @alkananda_bodapaty

"Mom and Me! #Recreatedlook with her wedding saree, which is 30 yrs old now."

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You can never go wrong with a classic sassy recreate.

Reddit | JessicaRoyy

Whether they're friends or family, you can tell their collective attitude is about to pop off.

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Siblings seem to really crush the whole recreation thing.

Reddit | Jeffoir

From their outfits, right down to their expressions , it's nearly flawless.

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“My younger siblings and I recreated our 'human pyramid' photo from over 10 years ago.”

Reddit | casserole09

To be fair, they're doing a pretty good job considering the boys are now fully grown men.

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The sentiment is definitely the same...

Reddit | cjs81268

All they really did was switch out the beverage.

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"Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs. me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing."

Reddit | smilingsun

This is AMAZING! I wish I had hair like this. Curious to know if she ever had an awkward phase — judging by these photos, it seems unlikely.

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Some things never change.

Reddit | kestreltohalcyon

"My family’s fave pic," they wrote. "Twenty years in between, and we still bully the little one."

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D'aww. This is a really cute gift to give.

Reddit | justintevya

“For my mom's 60th bday, my lil brother I did these. 25 to 30 years later. Mom used to dress us up alike pretty often.”

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“My cousins and I, 24 years apart."

Reddit | Max_Smash

This is illustrative of, like, everyone and their cousins — or at least the cool cousins, amirite?

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"The ratio of dog to boy stayed constant."

Reddit | CalypsoTheKitty

Not every recreation shows the progression of people. Dogs matter, too!

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