24 Differences Between Moms And Dads That'll Make You Howl

Diply 25 Dec 2017

When it comes to one parent versus the other, most kids find the differences to be...quite immense.

For example, when I was growing up, my mom was definitely the manager of the day-to-day.

"Dad, can I go to my friend's house?"

"What did your mom say?"

...and so the story goes.

How many of these hit home for you?

1. When you know how important it is to have quality time with your children. 

Viral Selection | Viral Selection

Moms and dads do this differently. Something tells me one parent is making a more memorable moment here.

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2. When you're both stressed out and exhausted, and you know you didn't give it your all.

Twitter | @XplodingUnicorn

If I had a nickel for every time I found something hiding in "plain sight" for my husband...

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3. When you seize the moment and cherish that infant period because they grow up so fast.


Mom will never forget the smell of your baby hair. Dad will never forget your smooshy face.

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4. When you understand that Mom and Dad have completely different duties in the household.

Reddit | addicted2sleep

I'd like to say things are changing with each generation, but I think we have more work to do.

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5. When napping with your wee one is something you look forward to.

Viral Selection | Viral Selection

Moms have this perfected. Dads just trust their baby doesn't roll off the bed as they pass out hard.

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6. When your parents come out to support you...well, sort of.

Reddit | winter_storm

Hey! At least they both made you a sign. But I guarantee you Mom made both signs. Sorry, but it's true.

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7. When it's time to get cleaned up, but Mom and Dad have a different idea of what that entails.

Reddit | diloshtanza

I always say we teach kids how to do things too late.

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8. When you're taking a family road trip and you try to explain to your significant other how big of a job packing is.

Reddit | lokkimughal

Do not entrust this task to just anyone.

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9. When you aren't as creative as your partner when it comes to using your spawn.

Viral Selection | Viral Selection

Baby bums make for perfect mouse pads. The diaper provides the perfect amount of friction.

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10. When your father is tasked with putting up the Christmas tree.

Reddit | Reddit

Don't worry, your paranoid mother will fear that it's a fire hazard and take it down. This is so ugly.

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11. When Dad goes beyond the blow-up tree and gets out the cellophane-wrapped tree from last year. 

Twitter | DrBethBell

I gotta say — this is 100% something my father-in-law would do. It's actually highly efficient!

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12. When "semi-formal" means something completely different to each of your parents.

Reddit | tinispillini

That man actually took the phrase completely literally. I almost want to stand up and clap for him right now.

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13. When you know a well-balanced meal is what your child needs.

Just Something | Just Something

But you also know that if you feed your kid enough protein, he'll get sweet, sweet gains. PROTEIN, BRO.

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14. When Dad asks you what you want for dinner and makes exactly that.

Reddit | 5ubie

Be careful what you wish for. You might just have to fend for yourself in the kitchen.

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15. When you assume both of your parents love you, but you can't be quite sure.

Instagram | @periodickally

We can't exactly call dad a detective. But we also can't quite say that Mom isn't a hypochondriac, either.

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16. When you're only a year old but want to help Dad out like a true wingman.

Facebook | Mom Life - Keeping it Real

I guess we'll never know if this worked. This kid's a great speller, though.

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17. This is 100% a dad joke. 

Reddit | ScoobySnacks801

There is no way that most moms would have seen this and thought, "hey, let's take a funny picture because butts are funny." Well, my mom wouldn't anyways.

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18. What better way to transport a child?

Reddit | staticgirl

This is the kind of last-minute planning that only a dad could think of! I mean, moms are pretty genius too, but maybe in a more logical way.

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19. I think that moms and dads are equally as likely to be pranksters.

Reddit | Fanie1157

But I think only a dad would so cruelly alter the life of a child forever by ruining Fanta.

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20. Here you can see the difference between mom and dad.

Imgur | BluenoseGeo

Dad will take any opportunity he can to crack the lamest joke ever, and mom will pretend she didn't think of the exact same joke — she just didn't want to say it out loud.

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21. The best way to teach a child about failure is teach them through love and experience. 

Reddit | Jawbreaker93

That's what a dad would say, anyway. A mom, in my experience, would teach them with many hugs and words of wisdom.

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22. This is the kind of thing my own dad would do. 

Reddit | vlone17

He was once so proud that he grew the tiniest pumpkin I had ever seen. But you know what, you support the people you love.

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23. Dads see a job that needs doing, so they do it. 

Reddit | btssmgss32412

Doesn't matter how stupid you or your horse is going to look. They get it done, but they almost always will get in trouble for it.

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24. Classic overprotective dad.

Reddir | earphone4

It's weird how parents worry about different things. My dad never wanted me to drive — my mother never wanted me to be alone with someone who was not also a woman.

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