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16 Grandparents Who Brought The Laughs Whether They Meant To Or Not

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When I see the way that older generations adjust to how we do things, it often makes me imagine how confused I'll be at the things my grandkids do in 50 years. I can't even predict what that will actually be like without coming off like a bad Jetsons episode (i.e., all of them).

Instead, I'm going to mix the clueless and the savvy together into one big grandparent extravaganza.


1. OK, can this person just Google this for their poor grandma so this blight can stop sullying her rug?

The Chive | The Chive

I'm just going to make things easier for our collective well-being and assume the stains were caused by some pet. Nobody correct me, I don't want to know.

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2. Oops, I guess this grandma's holiday traditions don't involve watching Home Alone.

Reddit | thevuefrommyfit

In that case, she should be especially worried about the one on the right. I've seen him shrug off three bricks to the face, so he's obviously very dangerous.

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3. Apparently, somebody bet their grandpa that he couldn't drink a beer with no hands.

Imgur | MinnesotaMathew

Since he moved it to the floor with his head before he even got to this stage, I'm guessing it's not the first time he's pulled this trick.

Grandpa hustled you, kid.

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4. Well, I've heard of people accidentally saying private things in a group chat? It figures that the opposite would eventually happen.

The Chive | The Chive

Too bad, grandpa almost found another admirer of his fine catch. Oh well, I guess there's always Facebook.

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5. I feel like this is something I would do, but for totally different reasons.

Reddit | Vipefega

No, I don't have an actual good reason, like the need to see what I'm doing. I'd just want my games to feel more cinematic.

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6. Haha, apparently, somebody's grandparents sent them this with absolutely no context.

Reddit | yungpeachyy

If this ain't me as a grandpa, then I'll probably have more regrets in life than I can count.

My grandkids should find me as hard to understand as I'll find them.

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7. The way this grandma watches horror movies gives me flashbacks to my childhood.

Reddit | MOngO_1o1

Before I became the hardened lover of the macabre that I am today, this was pretty much how 7-year-old me rode the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.

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8. I have a feeling that this woman's nut stand will be very popular for reasons she will never understand.

Reddit | the_forgotten_spoon

And it won't help that half of her customers will have a really hard time stopping themselves from giggling out their orders.

Just go with it, dear.

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9. Some of the family here may not understand, but at least they can say that Grandad's in their corner.

Reddit | putabirdonit12

Or is he asking what's wrong with their tongues and pretty much saying the same thing as the others?

Come on, Grandpa, I thought you were cool.

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10. Wow, I hate to say it, but maybe Flora here is right and my phone is distracting me too much!

Reddit | tapyddam

I mean, how else could I have possibly not noticed a full communist overthrow? You'd think that would have been pretty big news.

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11. No worries, Grandma. If I had a dollar for every time I did this, I could actually retire at some point.

Reddit | sarahrachel95

Honestly, I feel like we could only improve our relationships by sprinkling irrelevant gifs into most of our conversations.

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12. When this man's granddaughter had a medieval-themed wedding, he went all-out.

Reddit | jhfjdfhjdfh

Most people would just leave it at the costume, but he knows a knight is nothing without his noble steed. I also love that the horse gets a helmet too.

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13. I gotta give this grandma points for ingenuity, but can somebody please show her how the zoom function works?

Reddit | Krile93

Unless you're trying to solve crimes in a funny hat, lugging a magnifying glass around everywhere is more trouble than it's worth.

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14. I gotta say, I like the way this mysterious grandparent thinks.

Reddit | PowerHouse1234

I wouldn't battle them, though. Instead, I'd get them to gang up on Tom Nook with me and tell him that he's gonna be the one who owes me money from now on.

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15. Uh oh, I think I can spot a little flaw in Grandpa's plan here.

The Chive | The Chive

As if getting ignored by your grandkid wasn't bad enough, the poor man also has to deal with this thing beeping every time he texts them.

Those whippersnappers and their gizmos.

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16. Aww man, Grandma was so close to getting it right with this one.

Twitter | @shelbypatt_

Is it just my imagination, or does the dog realize what happened and is now giving us that Jim from The Office look over this?

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