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15 Lifehacks Straight From A College Dorm

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Going to college is a crazy experience. While it can be incredibly fun, it's often stressful to the max. Learning how to live away from your family, maintain good grades, make some money, AND have fun is not something everyone can balance.

It's hard to even do two of those things, let alone all of them at the same time. I think I cried more in college than I did as a child. Seriously, college is hard as hell.

I may have made some mistakes along the way, but eventually I got through it. There's so much I wish I'd known, including these lifehacks that would have made my time so much easier.

1. Have you really been to college if you haven't tried to stack bottles to only have them tumble down?

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Use a binder clip to stop them from falling over. Because let's face it, what are you going to use a binder clip for anyway?

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2. Warm beer is bad, but soggy pizza is gross AF.

Almost20 | Almost20

Personally, I love cold pizza and would never attempt to heat it up in the microwave, but if you gotta have your 'za warmed up, this is the hack for you.

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3. If you don't have a microwave, you can still heat your pizza up without issue. 

Pinterest | Pinterest

The crust will stay crunchy, while the toppings and cheese will warm up to the perfect eating temperature. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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4. Cool your dorm room down with a damp towel.

Study International | Study International

We all know dorm rooms get hot and steamy, I mean hot and stuffy, real quick.

If you don't have a fan or control over the AC, this hack will work in a pinch.

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5. Dorm rooms aren't the only things that need a quick cooldown.

Pinterest | Pinterest

The only thing worse than drinking shitty beer is drinking shitty beer while it's warm.

Need to cool it down quickly? Use this hack and be the queen of the quad.

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6. Who has time to separately microwave two bowls of food?

Reddit | DaNReDaN

Use a mug or glass to elevate the second bowl of food so you will save two extra minutes to go "study."

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7. It's no Netflix, but Amazon Prime is pretty rad.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Being a student has its perks, and free TV and movies, as well as free shipping on everything Amazon, is pretty great in my books.

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8. Why bother with a bowl when you're going to eat the whole box anyway? |

This brings me back to the days of the tiny cereal boxes you could steal from any motel off the highway.

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9. No stove? No problem. Use your coffee pot instead!

Reddit | will_evans10199

Nobody needs a stove or hot plate when your coffee pot can make you the perfect bowl of al dente pasta in minutes.

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10. Coffee pots aren't only great for pasta, you can warm up some tasty dip, too.

Reddit | PhilGoneWild

Who needs an Instant Pot when a $15 coffee pot can do pretty much anything for you?

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11. When you combine two of the most popular college delicacies, you get a true lifehack.

techeblog | techeblog

When you've run out of expensive coffee pods for your fancy Keurig machine, just use the hot water to make your favorite instant ramen instead.

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12. You don't need a coffee machine to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Instructables | Instructables

All you need is two takeout coffee containers (probably stolen from the cafeteria), a coffee mug, a filter, and some hot water. Get all the details here.

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13. The next time you buy hotdog buns instead of hamburger ones, just turn your hamburgers into hotdogs.

Instagram | @kalesalad

To be honest, I'd probably rather have a hamdog over a hotdog anyway.

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14. If you need a little bit of studying motivation, give this hack a try.

Instagram | @lifehackclips

You get to eat a gummy bear every time you read your textbook to the line with the gummy bear on it.

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15. Is your lecturer so boring you just need to spend the whole class Snapchatting?

Twitter | @renegilly

Use this lifehack to pretend to take notes while making sure everyone knows you're cool AF at the same time.

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Which college lifehacks are you going to be using?

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COMMENT to let us know your favorite lifehack, and LIKE this if you've learned something new!

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