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15+ Times People Let Their Creative Sides Flourish

Ryan Ford 26 Jan 2021

I guess there's no one thing that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Sure, we have opposable thumbs and higher reasoning abilities and pattern recognition and speech and use of tools going for us, but there are other animals that can do some of those things as well.

For my money, creativity has to be up there for uniquely human things. We have a drive to make things and use our imaginations to solve problems. Sometimes that creativity can lead us in odd directions, however.

But even so, you've got to go with it, just like these folks did.

1. A little liquid cash.

Reddit | 8301pugs

Some people out there have a knack for making a silk purse out of a sow's ear — well, maybe the 21st century version of that is to make a wallet out of Capri Suns.

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2. Somebody's watching me...

Reddit | HanaMay_B

You have to admit, nobody else around thought to replace their guitar knobs with eyes. And now we know there's a great reason for that — it's creepy!

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3. Soft kitty.

Reddit | wreck_it_rita

Ironically, the purpose for these little crocheted cat paws are to make fewer scratches. Hey, you don't want your nice chairs ruining your nice hardwood!

So why not make something adorable to do the job?

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4. That's the power of love.

Reddit | iVannGarc

You don't have to let your lack of a real DeLorean derail your Back to the Future dreams.

You can always just trick out what ever your ride is after the iconic time machine, because who's going to stop you?

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5. Built to last.

Reddit | sonyface

I guess wooden hammer handles have been known to break from time to time so to prevent that, someone just welded a hammer head onto a piece of rebar.

It ought to last longer but I'm not sure I want to feel the vibrations from swinging this thing.

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6. Done in a dash.

Reddit | ayrabera

Honestly, I do give some credit to the mind that sees a flip-flop and turns it into a phone mount for the car. And I sincerely hope they washed it first.

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7. Rock on.

Reddit | porcinus1

Hey, whether you're pumping iron or hefting some dumbbells you made from concrete, the important thing is that you're getting exercise, right? Concrete can build muscles just as well as it builds houses.

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8. A for effort.

Reddit | WarpWing

Considering that this replacement sticker was found on an elementary school keyboard, this isn't bad.

I mean, I'm typing on a keyboard where at least five letters have worn off and I haven't done a thing about it. So really, the random kid behind this is ahead of me.

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9. It's a classic.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

Even now, the wheel remains one of the greatest inventions of all time. Case in point, this little cart some construction workers made to help them move sheets of drywall around.

Not bad at all.

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10. I wonder if it's eastbound?

Reddit | Zelda_Fan98

Usually the wizards of hedge art fashion greenery into shapes like spheres or cubes or maybe some kind of animal like an elephant or a flamingo.

This is definitely the first hedge I've seen carved up to look like a big rig.

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11. That'll work.

Reddit | APinkNightmare

For all the half-baked efforts you'll see for homemade fixes, you almost never see one that someone has actually put some effort into.

But the person who replaced their tailgate with this wooden plank actually took the time to carve the make and model into it and paint it up. That's not nothing.

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12. Okay then.

Reddit | AdmitOneOnly

"My colleague caught a living [gecko] with a plastic bowl and set up a ritual with 5 cat figures," the uploader of this pic wrote.

No explanation as to why the ritual includes a star of David rather than a pentagram but hey, how often does this opportunity even come up?

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13. Jeepers creepers.

Reddit | xxWithLovexx

I don't know who thought a toilet tank needed a pair of peepers poking out from underneath it, but it seems like the sort of thing that could go either way — someone's going to find it adorable and someone's going to be freaked out.

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14. Fine, be that way.

Reddit | checkyourusername

I guess that's one way to draw attention to the proper usage instructions: passive aggression. Or is it reverse psychology?

Either way, I'm pretty sure we're all reading that note in a very particular voice that belongs to an overbearing mother figure.

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15. Clever.

Reddit | onion_slap

Where else but some playful chemistry teacher's class would you encounter a star-nosed mole made out of one mole of pure aluminum foil? You have to love the teachers that put in the effort to make science amusing.

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16. Okay, I'm in.

Reddit | camthemanbam

"Made a giant Twinkie," the uploader of this pic wrote. "With normal sized twinkies for comparison."

I can't possibly be the only person out there who's curious to try a slice of giant twinkie, can I?

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17. Twang!

Reddit | SomaxGany

Now, I know that a crossbow made to fire toothpicks is essentially useless — unless you maybe want to pop a balloon from across the room — but I do think it's neat.

That can't have been easy to make!

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18. Putting your money where your mouth is.

Reddit | squarecoinman

I don't know why but someone created a knife using bank notes and resin. You have to think it's a pain to clean and sharpen, but it's certainly different.

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19. An ambitious crossover.

Reddit | ZillaSquad

Okay, who saw this mashup coming? Now I want someone to make Tokyo out of gingerbread and then unleash Godzilla the Cookie Monster upon the town. Oh, the carnage.

Extra credit for the Grover tail, too.

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20. Some things never change.

Reddit | bobathehut

You know how kids sometimes think they invented something? Well, someone's always done it before them, haven't they?

"Back in 1955, my teenage grandparents would encrypt their love letters so that their parents didn’t know what was in them," the uploader of this pic explained. So clever — I mean, it wasn't a complicated cipher, but still, there's something sweet about their creativity.

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